Adelaide Travel Guide (SA, 5000)

Capital of South Australia

Adelaide is one of the best planned cities in Australia and the country’s the fourth largest. Colonel William Light, the State's first Surveyor General, determined both the location and plan of the city in the face of severe criticism and bitter opposition. In the preface to his Brief Journal, published in 1839, Light replied to his critics as folloows: "The reasons that led me to fix Adelaide where it is I do not expect to be generally understood or calmly judged of at present. My enemies, however, by disputing their validity in every particular, have done me the good service of fixing the whole of the responsibility upon me. I am perfectly willing to bear it, and I leave it to posterity and not to them, to decide whether I am entitled to praise or blame . . . ."

Adelaide stands on a fertile plain, sloping gently from the Mount Lofty Ranges to the shores of the Gulf of St Vincent. Adelaide is noted for its broad streets. King William Street is the main thoroughfare, and North Terrace is the stateliest boulevard, containing several of the principal public buildings and the State War Memorial. At the eastern end of the Terrace is the main entrance to the Botanic Gardens.

Within easy reach of the city by train or bus are a number of mountain and seaside pleasure resorts. Behind the city are the Mount Lofty Ranges, with their gentle slopes covered with vineyards, olive groves, and almond trees; while in front is the sea coast, and the seaside resorts of Glenelg, Semaphore, and Largs, within a half-hour run.

Ayers House, Adelaide | Adelaide

Ayers House dating from 1846 is one of the most interesting of Adelaide's early houses.

Bishop's Court, Adelaide | Adelaide

Built in gothic revival style, Bishop's Court was built for Reverend Augustus Short, the first bishop of the city. Built in sandstone with coloured quoins, columns and chimneys in Indian red.

Edmund Wright House, Adelaide | Adelaide

Built for the South Australian Bank in 1875 to 1878 Edmund Wright House is a spectacular example of ornate Victorian classical architecture.

Edward John Eyre | Adelaide

Edward John Eyre (1815 to 1901) arrived in Sydney in 1833. His principal expedition was in 1839 when he travelled inland from Adelaide in search of new grazing country and a route to Western Australia. This expedition took him across Lake Torrens to Streaky Bay and back to the Peninsula named after him.

General Post Office, Adelaide | Adelaide

The General Post Office dates from 1860 and enlarged in the 1980s. The outstanding feature is Victoria Tower with its dominant effect on the streetscape.

Magistrate's Courthouse, Adelaide | Adelaide

Magistrate's courthouse, Victoria Square, was built between 1847 and 1850. The building is an early and precious example of a public building in pure Greek revival style.

Old Government House, Belair | Adelaide

Old Government House at Belair, approximately 15 kms south of Adelaide, was built in the early 1860's as a summer retreat for the State's governors. The beautiful single storey stone building with brick quoins is preserved within Belair Recreational Park.

Parliament House, Adelaide | Adelaide

Parliament House is an outstanding edifice at the corner of King William Street and North Terrance, completed in 1939.

State War Memorial, Adelaide | Adelaide

On North Terrace, with crosses from the battlefields at the rear of the Memorial.

Statute of Colonel William Light | Adelaide

Light’s Vision – Statute of Col. William Light overlooking the city at Light’s Vision – Statute of Col. William Light overlooking the city at Montefiore Hill, near Municipal Golf Links, near Municipal Golf Links.

Albert Bridge, Adelaide | Adelaide

Albert Bridge erected between 1878 and 1879 is a beautiful example of engineering construction using cast iron. The bridge spans Torrens River.

St Peter's Cathedral, Adelaide | Adelaide

Adelaide has often been called city of churches with many notable examples of ecclesiastical buildings of all types. The grandest in scale and conception is St Peter's Cathedral constructed between 1869 and 1904 in gothic revival style.

Supreme Court, Adelaide | Adelaide

Erected in the late 1860s the Supreme Court follows Victorian classical style. The building is constructed in sandstone, a scarce material in Adelaide.

Botanic Hotel, Adelaide | Adelaide

Erected in 1877 Botanic Hotel displays the splendid exuberance of Victorian style and traditions of 19th century Australian pub architecture.

Carclew House, Adelaide | Adelaide

Carclew House is an amazing Edwardian design home with gables, verandas and Juliette balconies.

Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide | Adelaide

Situated on Grand Avenue, North Terrace Holy Trinity was the first church to be built in South Australia. The original stone chapel was erected in 1838 and enlarged in 1840. The rugged bluestone tower was added in 1888.