Royal Bull's Head Inn, Drayton | Drayton

Royal Bull's Head Inn is one of the oldest buildings in Darling Downs district.

Royal Mint, William Street | Melbourne

The Melbourne Mint, a branch of the British Royal Mint, was established by order of Council on 10th August 1869, and it was opened on 12th January 1872 to meet the problems created by the large discoveries of gold in Australia. Nowadays the Mint does not produce gold coins, and has become the Hellenic Museum. From the closing down of the Sydney Mint in 1926, the Royal Melbourne Mint became the m...

Shamrock Hotel, Bendigo | Bendigo

Shamrock Hotel opened in 1897 with electric lighting in each of its 100 rooms. A fine example of a grand provincial hotel.

Sir Thomas Livingston Mitchell | Berrima

Sir Thomas Livingston Mitchell (1792 to 1855) arrived in New South Wales in 1827. He designed public roads to Lapstone Hill through Mitchell's Pass and to Cox Valley through Victoria Pass. In the early 1830s Mitchell was the colonies leading protagonist of Greek revival architecture which can be seen in his design of Berrima Courthouse. On his third expedition in 1836 Mitchell established that ...

St Francis Xavier Cathedral, Geraldton | Geraldton

One of the most spectacular cathedrals in all of Australia is to be found at the port of Geraldton on the state's west coast. The cathedral was the creation of architect John Hawes who subsequently became a priest. The free-stone construction has borrowed themes from a variety of sources including church architecture of Spain and Italy. St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral was begun in 1856 and erec...

St Georges Cathedral, Cnr Cathedral Ave., and St Georges Tce. | Perth

Work was begun on St Georges Cathedral in 1879 to a design by Sydney architect Edmund Blacket. The great tower and steeple of the original plan were never constructed. The present bell tower was added in 1902 as a memorial to Queen Victoria. This Cathedral is situated in the heart of the city, facing Stirling Gardens. The Cathedral, which follows the Gothic style of architecture of the early Engl...

St Mary's Cathedral, College Street, Sydney | Sydney

Though this cathedral occupies one of the most commanding positions in Sydney, Macquarie's grant of the site in 1821 was unenthusiastically received, its position in "un-reclaimed bush, away from the town proper" being considered totally unsuitable for the purpose. A handsome brick chapel with bell-tower was erected, however, but was destroyed by fire on 29th June 1865, exactly 29 years after its ...

St Mary's Church, Warwick | Warwick

One of the dominant buildings of the City of Warwick is St Mary's Church constructed in 1826 in rusticated sandstone. The building is a late fine example of gothic revival.

St Marys Cathedral, Junction Murray and Lord Streets | Perth

St Marys is within a few minutes' walk of the business portion of the city. On the original plan of the city of Perth this square was shown as a recreation reserve, but later it was granted to the Benedictine Bishop as the site for a cathedral. In 1926 it was decided to build a new cathedral on the same lines as those of the other capital cities of Australia. Gothic of the Late or Perpendicular pe...

St Matthews Church | Windsor

In 1810 Governor Macquarie requested that these three Georgian buildings be erected at Windsor to the north west of Sydney. Francis Greenway designed St Matthews Church which opened in 1820 after the building contract had been taken from Greenway and given to another colonial architect Henry Kitchen. The clock tower on the church was donated by King George IV. St Matthews Church is generally consi...

St Michael's Church, Bungaree | Bungaree

St Michael's Church is located on the sheep property of Bungaree. The building was designed by E. A. Hamilton and built by George Hawker in 1864. The main feature is a beautiful tower with louvered belfry windows.

St Patrick's Cathedral, Cnr Gisborne St., & Cathedral Place | East Melbourne

The Government granted this area of land on Eastern Hill to the Roman Catholic Church in 1849. The present cathedral, the third building on the site, was designed by W. W. Wardell, an eminent architect who had studied under Pugia giving to Melbourne many of its Gothic monuments, Wardell also designed St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney. St Patrick's Cathedral, in early Gothic style, is cruciform in pla...

St Paul's Cathedral, Corner Swanston and Flinders Streets | Melbourne

With its tall spires rising against the background of commercial Melbourne, St Paul's Cathedral casts its shadow over the city's busiest intersection. It is built to a Gothic cruciform plan. The foundation-stone was laid in 1880 by the Governor, the Marquess of Normanby; but the cathedral was not opened for worship until eleven years later. The central spire, which rises to a height of 95 metres, ...

St. Johns Cathedral, Ann Street, Brisbane | Brisbane

Occupying a commanding position on the heights overlooking Petrie Bight, is probably the finest of Brisbane's ecclesiastical buildings. The foundation stone was laid by King George V when he visited Australia in 1901 as Duke of Cornwall and York. The Cathedral was designed in the twelfth-century English Gothic style by J. L. Pierson, R.A., who was responsible for Truro Cathedral. Within the cath...

St. Stephens Church Building, Elizabeth Street, Brisbane | Brisbane

This old structure in the grounds of St Stephen's Cathedral is the oldest existing ecclesiastical building in Brisbane, but is not now used as a church. It was designed by Augustus Webley Pugin, who was associated with Sir Charles Barry in drawing up the plans for the Houses of Parliament at Westminster. The church illustrates Pugin's admiration for late Gothic architecture, and is built entirely ...

State War Memorial, Adelaide | Adelaide

On North Terrace, with crosses from the battlefields at the rear of the Memorial.

Statute of Colonel William Light | Adelaide

Light’s Vision – Statute of Col. William Light overlooking the city at Light’s Vision – Statute of Col. William Light overlooking the city at Montefiore Hill, near Municipal Golf Links, near Municipal Golf Links.

Strand Arcade, Sydney | Sydney

Strand Arcade built in 1891 and links Pitt and George Streets between Market and King Streets is the sole survivor of grand Victorian and Edwardian Edifices that once lined Pitt Street.

Supreme Court, Cnr Williiam & Lonsdale Streets | Melbourne

The Supreme Court of Victoria is the superior court for the State of Victoria, The Court was founded in 1852, and is a superior court of common law and equity, with unlimited jurisdiction within the state. The main buildings for the Supreme Court are located at the corner of William and Lonsdale Streets in Melbourne and in nearby buildings.

Susannah Place Museum, Sydney | The Rocks

Susannah Place is a row of 4 terraces located in the heart of The Rocks that incorporates a working corner shop. Rare in the city, it provides an opportunity to explore domestic working class life from 1844 to the late twentieth century. The many stories collected from former tenants tell the richness of community life that once existed in The Rocks whilst surviving layers of paint, wallpapers a...