Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park | Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

This park covers an area surrounding the Hawkesbury River environs approximately 30km North of Sydney. The park offers excellent mountain bike riding, walking tracks and Aboriginal art sites. At the end of Long Track from Duffyâ's Forest is an amazing Aboriginal rock carving overlooking Akuna Bay.

Lake Alexandrina | Lake Alexandrina

Lake Alexandrina is a lake in South Australia, adjacent to the coast of the Southern Ocean, about 100 kilometres south-east of Adelaide. The Lake is located north of Encounter Bay and east of Fleurieu Peninsula. The Murray River is the major river to flow into Lake Alexandrina. Others include the Bremer, Angas, and Finniss Rivers, all from the eastern side of the southern Mount Lofty Ranges. ...

Lake Mungo | Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo is a dry lake in south-western New South Wales. The lake is located 760 km due west of Sydney and 90 km north-east of Mildura. lake Mungo is the central feature of Mungo National Park, and is one of seventeen lakes in the World Heritage listed Willandra Lakes Region. The lake is widely recognised as having been occupied continuously by Aborigines for the past 50,000 years and this mak...

Lamington National Park, SE Queensland | Binna Burra

This wild mountain region of 47,000 acres is the principal national park in southern Queensland and comprises the Roberts, and Lamington Plateaux, offshoots of the Macpherson Range which forms a natural barrier between New South Wales and Queensland. Rare trees and bird life, and rugged mountain scenery are features of the park. The Park lies in South East Queensland approximately 100 kms South o...

Lawn Hill National Park | Lawn Hill National Park

Lawn Hill National Park is located 350km North West of Mount Isa. The Waanyi Aboriginal people continued to live here until 1930 when missionaries removed them to Mornington Island. The main attraction of the 260,000 hectare wilderness is Lawn Hill Gorge which carves its way through the sandstone rock of Constance Range.

Liffey Falls | Deloraine

Liffey Falls is surrounded by rich ferny rainforest vegetation with prominent tree ferns.

Lind National Park

This park contains many spectacular warm temperate rainforest areas supporting trees such a coachwood, crabapple, sassafras, callicoma, lillie pillie and corkwood.

Litchfield National Park | Litchfield National Park

Located 130km South of Darwin Litchfield National Park offers spectacular tropical wilderness, waterfalls and bushwalking. It is also home to "Lost City" and huge termite mounds.

MacKenzie Falls, Grampians National Park | Grampians

MacKenzie Falls is the star attraction of the Grampians National Park. It is a rare Australian year-round waterfall and flows well even in the face of a severe drought. The view that awaits you at the end of this steep trail is spectacular. Enormous torrents of water cascade over huge cliffs into a deep pool, sending fine sprays of rainbow mist high into the air above a stunning gorge.

Main Range National Park | Main Range National Park

Spectacular scenery and wilderness are the main features of this park best seen from "Governors Chair Lookout" in the Southern section.

Millstream Falls | Millstream

Millstream Falls, Millstream National Park. Millstream Falls are said to be the widest falls in Australia. Located in open scrub country of bottle brush and eucalypt.

Millstream National Park | Millstream National Park

Millstream National Park is situated near Ravenshoe approximately 150km south of Cairns. The park lays claim to Millstream Falls said to be one of the widest falls in Australia located in open scrub country of bottlebrush and eucalypt. The park forms a habitat for some of Australia's largest and most startling lizards.

Mimosa Rocks, Mimosa Rocks National Park | Mimosa

Covering an area of approximately 5,000 hectares Mimosa Rocks National Park is one of New South Wales' most beautiful coastal parks most noted for its scuba diving and scenery. Surface rocks found in Mimosa Rocks National Park are the weathered remains of an ancient lava flow three hundred and fifty million years ago. A rise in sea level at the end of the last Ice Age isolated the rocks which now...

Moreton Bay, Moreton Is. & Stradbroke Island | Brisbane

Moreton Bay is the gateway to Queensland. Ocean going liners pass regularly through the northern Passage between Moreton Island, providing a wide stretch of calm water. Excellent bay cruises are available to the visitor. Moreton Island, about 20 kms east of the mouth of the Brisbane River, is 24 kms long and boasts the world's highest permanent sand dunes-Mount Tempest (278 metres elevation) and ...

Moreton Island National Park | Moreton Island National Park

Covering an area of 17,000 hectares More ton Island National Park lies 40km East of Brisbane. The island is made up almost entirely of sand and contains the world's tallest sand hill at 280 metres. Beautiful freshwater lakes are a principal feature. Cape Moreton Lighthouse built in 1857 is situated at the North Eastern end of the island and is the oldest lighthouse in Queensland. The island is lo...

Morton National Park | Morton National Park

Morton National Park is located approximately 20km West of Nowra. The park's major attractions include bushwalking, camping, scenic drives, spectacular lookouts and waterfalls. The central feature of the park is Pigeon House Mountain, observed and named by Captain Cook on his voyage of discovery along the Australian East coast in May 1770.

Mount Banks | Appin

Mount Banks, Blue Mountains National Park. Accessible from the Northern side of Blue Mountains National Park on the Bells LIne of road is Mount Banks, a former picnic site in the early 1900s. Visitors to Mount Banks today report experiencing a 'ghost-like' feeling among the now deserted and overgrown picnic areas.

Mount Buffalo National Park | Mt Buffalo National Park

Mt Buffalo National Park is located approximately 300km North East of Melbourne and encircled by Ovens, Buffalo and Buckland Rivers. The 31,000 hectare park has 90km of marked bush walks. Rock climbers can enjoy "the Back Wall", "Chalwell Galleries", "Eurobin Falls", "the Hump", "the Gorge" and "the Leviatan". The park is also home to Mt Buffalo Ski Resort.

Mount Coolum, Walk, Mount Coolum National Park | Mount Coolum

The relentless march of the surveyor’s peg to the tune of mind-less town planners and Councillors has finally brought suburbia to the footsteps of Mount Coolum. This beautiful mountain, untouched for millions of years save for a shameful attempt at quarrying, is one of several isolated volcanic domes found on the Sunshine Coast. The mountain is significant as it supports remnant montane heathl...

Mount Kosciuszko, Kosciuszko National Park | Jindabyne

Home to Mount Kosciuszko, Kosciuszko National Park is approximately 250km South West of Canberra. At 700,000 hectares the park is the largest in the state and known primarily for its snow skiing in winter months. The first recorded exploration of the mountain was by Polish explorer Count Paul Edmund Strzelecki who reached the top of Mount Kosciuszko in 1840 (this is disputed by some historians w...