Mount Coolum, Walk, Mount Coolum National Park | Mount Coolum

The relentless march of the surveyor’s peg to the tune of mind-less town planners and Councillors has finally brought suburbia to the footsteps of Mount Coolum. This beautiful mountain, untouched for millions of years save for a shameful attempt at quarrying, is one of several isolated volcanic domes found on the Sunshine Coast. The mountain is significant as it supports remnant montane heathl...

National Mutual Building, Sydney | Sydney

Constructed in the early 1890s and designed by American architect Edward Raht with a spectacular facade. 13m wide arches support the upper 4 stories.

Observatory Hill, The Rocks, Sydney | Sydney

Observatory Hill was once the site of a stone fort constructed by Governor Phillip. The observatory was erected in 1858 with a tall central tower and a corner structure topped with a revolving dome housing a large telescope. A ball on the staff of the tower once dropped at 1 o'clock each day to provide exact time to harbour shipping.

Observatory, Wickham Terrace, Brisbane | Brisbane

There are few buildings in Brisbane that recall so vividly the early life of the settlement as the old Observatory, which stands in a corner of Albert Park at the top of Wickham Terrace. It was erected by convict labour in 1829 as a windmill, with ponderous wooden sails to provide power to grind the convict-grown maize and wheat. Because of some defect, however, the windmill refused to work. Since...

Old Farm at Albany | Albany

The Old Farm originally known as 'Strawberry Hill' was established in 1827 to supply nearby military detachments and is one of the earliest surviving buildings of the colonial period. The wattle & daub cottage and surrounding 43 hectares were purchased in 1833 by Sir Richard Spencer. In the 1960s the farm was given into the care of the National Trust and furnished in the simple style appropriate f...

Old Government House, Belair | Adelaide

Old Government House at Belair, approximately 15 kms south of Adelaide, was built in the early 1860's as a summer retreat for the State's governors. The beautiful single storey stone building with brick quoins is preserved within Belair Recreational Park.

Old Melbourne Gaol, Cnr Russell and La Trobe streets | Melbourne

Old Melbourne Gaol, now an interactive museum, is the site where 136 people, including the notorious bushranger Ned Kelly, were hanged. The Old Melbourne Gaol – Crime and Justice Experience includes a visit to the Old Melbourne Gaol, the former City Watch House and Old Magistrate’s Court. The prison was also a focus during some of Australia’s most significant historical moments, including...

Old Treasury Building, Spring Street, Treasury Gardens | Melbourne

The treasury building is one of Melbourne's handsomest public buildings, it was erected from 1859 to 1862 and is an excellent example of Italian Renaissance.

P&O Building, Fremantle | Fremantle

The creation of an inner harbour resulting from the removal of a bar at the river mouth increased Fremantle's port facilities. With the change came new additions to the port of Fremantle including the stone and stockade elder building with domed tower on the corner and built in 1905.

Parliament House, Adelaide | Adelaide

Parliament House is an outstanding edifice at the corner of King William Street and North Terrance, completed in 1939.

Parliament House, Brisbane | Brisbane

The construction of Parliament House commenced in 1865 to a design by colonial architect Giles Tiffin. The large renaissance-style building features impressive mansard roofs, domed over a central block and tapered at the end wings. Located at the south-western end of the Botanic Gardens or can be approached along Alice Street.

Parliament House, Corner Spring and Bourke Streets | Melbourne

An Act of the Imperial Parliament, passed in the year 1850, decreed "that the district of Port Phillip should be separated from the Colony of New South Wales and should be named and designated as the Colony of Victoria", having a separate Legislative Council. But not until 1855, when the daily discoveries of gold and the rapid progress of the State were exalting public ideas, was a start made on t...

Paul Edmund Strzelecki | Kosciuszko

Paul Strzelecki was a Polish-born geologist who explored the unknown country to the north-east of Port Phillip in Victoria where he named Gippsland. He is most famous for being the first explorer to climb the Australian Alps and Mount Kosciuszko on 15 January 1840 which he named after Polish patriot, Tadeusz Kosciuszko.

Princess Theatre, 163 Spring Street | Melbourne

The Princess Theatre is the second building on the present site. In 1857, the amphitheatre was renovated and the facade extended, then re-opening as the Princess Theatre and Opera House. The theatre re-opened, again, on 18 December 1886, with a performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado. The marble staircase and foyer was hailed as equal to that of the Paris Opera, the Frankfurt Stadt and ...

Public Library, William Street, Brisbane | Brisbane

This is one of the finest buildings in Brisbane. The free treatment of the Renaissance style gives grace to a design dignified by the Corinthian columns which form the distinctive feature of the facade. Built as a museum, it was converted to its present use in 1902, when the first free Public Library of Queensland was established. The John Oxley Memorial Library of Australian literature and histor...

Queensland National Hotel, Mount Morgan | Mount Morgan

The Queensland National Hotel of 1899 has decorative wooden gables reminiscent of the nearby railway station. On the top of the building is a gazebo-like tower that forms the central feature.

Reibeycroft, Freemans Reach | Freemans Reach

Erected by the Reibey family in about 1820, Reibeycroft is one of the oldest houses in the Hawkesbury area. The beautiful Georgian design with a columned veranda lends the house a secure ambience.

Robert O'Hara Burke & William John Wills | Menindee

Burke, a former police superintendent and Wills, a former seaman set out on August 20, 1860 on Australia's largest manned expedition with 14 men, 25 camels, horses and 20 tonnes of baggage with the aim of reaching the Gulf of Carpentaria. Reverend John Stori is alleged to have said at a dinner for Burke before his departure from Melbourne: "If there really exists within our great continent a sa...

Rose & Crown Hotel, Perth | Perth

The corner section of the old hotel still bears the date 1841. Various additions were made in 1850 and 1880.

Rotunda, Cataract Gorge | Launceston

The beautiful band rotunda at Cataract Gorge is an exquisite piece of Victoriana in a magnificent natural environment. The earliest recorded visit to this area was made by settler William Collins in 1804 when exploring the Port in the ship "Lady Nelson". He was particularly impressed by the South Esk and its cataract and wrote, "Upon approaching the entrance I observed a large fall of water over ...