Barrington Tops

Barrington Tops is a high plateau of grass-lands and forests bounded by steep mountains and rugged spurs clad in forests of tall eucalypts and semi-tropical dense jungle. These features provides contrasts in scenery, vegetation, and wild life. In summer there is mountaineering, hiking, swimming, horse-riding, and trout fishing. All types of animal and bird life find sanctuary in this untouched cou...

Bathurst City | Bathurst

Bathurst was founded by Governor Macquarie when he opened the first road across the Blue Mountains in 1815, and was named after Lord Bathurst, then Secretary of State for the Colonies. The centre of the city consists of a park and square surrounded by cathedrals, churches and government buildings, each with its own trees and gardens. In the middle of the square is a carillon tower, erected as a m...

Blackheath Town | Blackheath

The highest town in the Blue Mountains and prosperous fruit growing centre. There are many interesting features which can be enjoyed by the tourist including the Grand Canyon, beautiful Megalong Valley and the famous Govett's Leap, so-named by Governor Mitchell after the surveyor of that name. The locality is a paradise for hikers and sporting enthusiasts. Each year in early November, when the ...

Blaxland Town | Blaxland

This town received its name from one of the party who first blazed a trail across the Blue Mountains. The surrounding district is full of scenic interest and pleasant motor drives to famous beauty spots can be undertaken.

Blue Mountains | Katoomba

Situated about 64 kms west of Sydney and so-called because of the blue haze which shrouds them. There are numerous pleasure resorts which provide for the entertainment and welfare of visitors. The mountain tops and valleys, waterfalls and canyons, forest trees and mountain fern, sunlight and shadow, all go together in making magnificent and awe-inspiring scenery after Lapstone Hill is reached. So...

Braidwood Town | Braidwood

On the Southern Tablelands and named after a surgeon of the Royal Navy, the town has much to offer the visitor which includes trips to the Araluen Valley. The main industry of the district is mixed farming. There are camping facilities at the northern end of the town. The NRMA will give advice to intending campers. © LBH

Broken Bay

The name is very appropriate for this inlet with its wild, rugged foreshores and broken outline. The bay is divided into three distinct branches: Brisbane Water on the north, Pittwater on the south, and the central division which forms the Hawkesbury estuary. Guarding the entrance to Broken Bay and almost equi-distant from the North and South Heads stands Mount Eliot, better known as Lion Island b...

Broken Hill City

Known as "The Silver City" and possesses one of the most colourful histories of any town in the Commonwealth. The hotel accommodation is very good. There are many pleasing features including a splendid park and playground at Silverton. Visits to the rich mines can be arranged. There are many sporting facilities including golf, tennis, dog racing and outdoor cinema. Trips to the outback can be arra...

Brooklyn Town

On the beautiful Hawkesbury River only a few kms from Peats Ferry. The fishing is excellent and there are many features pleasing to the visitor. Scenic trips can be arranged to neighbouring beauty spots.

Brunswick Heads Town | Brunswick Heads

A rich agricultural town on the North, Coast with a special appeal for holiday makers. Swimming, surfing and other sporting facilities are provided. There is a splendid camping site near the town on the Brunswick River.

Burrinjuck Dam | Burrinjuck

Burrinjuck Dam is set in a valley between towering hills, on the headwaters of the Murrumbidgee River. The water is used not only to irrigate an area 547 kms away, but also to generate electric power for the New South Wales inter-connected electricity system, which is under the control of the Electricity Commission of New South Wales. A restful holiday may be enjoyed by its quiet waters, which sup...

Byron Bay Town | Byron Bay

A leading town on the North Coast. The town is the centre of a rich mixed farming area and has much to interest the tourist. The surfing is good. The surrounding country affords many delightful trips of scenic interest. There are camping grounds at Clark's Camping Area, situated half a km from the town on the Cape Byron Road, also at Cape Byron and another near the centre of the town adjoins the b...

Canberra City | Canberra

Canberra is Australia's National Capital. When the Australian States federated in 1901, it was decided to build an entirely new city so that the Federal Government could have complete control over its own seat and also be removed from the influence of any of the State capitals. The Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 laid down that the city's site should "be in the State of New South Wales, and be ...

Cobbity Town | Cobbitty

Close to Camden and the Nepean River, where excellent swimming can be enjoyed. The township is full of historic interest, especially St. Paul's Church which was consecrated by the first Australian Bishop - Bishop Broughton - in 1842. The graveyard witnesses to the early days of settlement, and many notable names of pioneers are to be seen. © LBH

Coff's Harbour City | Coffs Harbour

This seaport is the outlet for the produce of the timber, banana-growing, and dairying districts of this part of the coast, and is the port nearest to the branch railway line to the Dorrigo plateau. The main part of the town is two kms inland from Coff's Harbour Jetty, where a fine harbour has been constructed with a depth of water sufficient for steamers engaged in coastal and New Zealand trade. ...

Cooma Town | Cooma

There is a diversity of scenery for the tourist and the fishing in the neighbourhood is good. Camping is available on the Cooma Showgrounds half a km from the town. The town is the "taking off" place for famous Mount Kosciusko with its variety of winter sports.

Coonabarabran Town | Coonabarabran

This is a pleasant resort with good surfing and fishing and is a delightful spot for a holiday. Camping facilities will be found near the mouth of Shoalhaven River, not far from Nowra. A resort of the same name is situated on the Tweed River on the border (see Queensland). Situated near the Castlereagh River. Nandi Camp Area, 1 km from the town, has facilities for campers. The district produce...

Cowra Town | Cowra

A splendid town situated on the Lachlan River 200 kms from Sydney. The shopping is good and there is much of interest in the district including the Wangla Dam. Camping area are situated at Bellvue Lookout adjoining the town on the northern side and also on the river near the golf links. Not to be missed is the multi award-winning Cowra Japanese Garden opened in 1979. © LBH

Deniliquin Town | Deniliquin

Originally known as "the Sandhills" Deniliquin has developed into one of the most important towns in the State. Situated on the Edward River there are good facilities for fishing. The town is modern and has fine buildings and hotels. Sporting facilities are provided for the enthusiasts. The district produces wheat and wool. © LBH

Dubbo City | Dubbo

Home to the open-range Taronga Western Plains Zoo, which has various species of endangered animals, including the White, Black and Indian Rhinoceros. The zoo also has numerous specimens from around the world in spacious open-range moat enclosures, grouped according to their continent of origin. Dubbo is located at the intersection of the Mitchell, Newell and Golden highways. 416 km (258 mi) west...