Hobart Travel Guide (TAS, 7000)

Princes Park and Mulgrave Battery, Hobart | Hobart

Prince's Park was laid out on the site of the first military battery erected in Tasmania. On the water side is the entrance to the tunnels which once formed a part of the magazine of the battery. These tunnels are constructed of solid stone and extend beneath the ground in various directions for two to three hundred yards. Some of the passages have been walled up, but at one time it was possible t...

Queen Victoria Museum, Royal Park | Hobart

The most interesting exhibits in the Queen Victoria Museum are the Beattie Collection of Historic Relics, and a collection of Tasmanian native implements. The Beattie Collection contains items relating to the early penal settlement at Port Arthur such as: domestic utensils, furniture, and specimens of convict handicrafts; china, pewter, and brassware used by the early Governors of the colony and e...

Queen's Domain, Hobart | Hobart

Queen's Domain extends along the shore of the Derwent River to the north-east of the city and covers an area of 640 acres. The Domain is the largest public reserve in Hobart. The main entrance is near the foot of Liverpool Street within ten minutes' walk of the business portion of the city. In the eastern corner of the Domain and plainly visible from the higher points of the city is the War Memo...

Risdon, Hobart | Risdon

Risdon, the site of the first settlement in Tasmania, stands on the eastern bank of the Derwent River, five km from the city. A monument marks the landing-place of Lieutenant Bowen who, on 13th September 1803, selected Risdon Cove for the establishment of a permanent settlement. During its brief existence of less than six months, the Risdon settlement was in a constant state of uproar because Bow...

St Andrews Church, Bathurst Street | Hobart

The Presbyterian Church of St Andrew was opened in 1836, and is one of the oldest ecclesiastical buildings in Hobart. Adjoining the church is the Sunday school, which was the first church building

St Marys Cathedral, Patrick Street | Hobart

The cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hobart was designed by Henry Hunter, a prominent colonial architect, who also designed the Town Hall and other public buildings. The erection of the cathedral was begun about 1861. Shortly after the main section was officially opened for worship, constructional defects appeared and the greater portion of the structure had to be rebuilt. The cathe...

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Macquarie Street | Hobart

This Museum owes its inception to the Royal Society of Tasmania, which has gradually brought together a valuable collection of specimens dealing with the natural history, geology, and history of Tasmania. Two galleries are devoted to Ethnology. One for Tasmania, and the other for general ethnology of Australia and the Pacific Islands. One of the most attractive exhibits is a habitat group of T...

Adventure Bay Town | Adventure Bay

Adventure Bay is one of the popular resorts within reach of the city. Bathing and boating can be enjoyed. Across the Channel lies Bruny Island. There are many attractions for the tourist such as Denne's Point, where the holiday makers go.

Bridgewater & New Norfolk Attractions | Bridgewater

This region as well as being home to Lake Gordon and Lake Pedder cradles the Derwent River on its way to Hobart. Bridgewater and New Norfolk are the principal towns, both situated on the edge of the river.

Browns River Town | Hobart

Brown's River is situated close to Hobart and overlooks Southarm. Transport from Hobart is good. The outstanding Kingston Golf Course is nearby. All sporting facilities are provided.

Derwent Bridge Town | Derwent Bridge

Derwent is situated near the famous Lake St. Clair with its scenery of unsurpassed splendour. The Tarraleah Power Station is also within easy distance. Fishing and bushwalking are available.

Hamilton Town, Tasmania | Hamilton

Hamilton is the centre of a prosperous agricultural district. The town is within easy reach of many places of interest and there are good transport facilities connecting to Hobart, 45 km distant. There are natural camping grounds.

Hobart City | Hobart

Hobart, the capital of Tasmania occupies a commanding position overlooking the Derwent River estuary. Towering behind the city is Mount Wellington (1,269 metres), snow-clad for many months of the year while, to the south-west, the city is hemmed in by the Nelson Range. The river widens out into a magnificent harbour of great size and beauty. Large oversea liners make their way up the harbour under...

Hobart International Airport | Hobart International Airport, Cambridge

Hobart International Airport is operated by Hobart International Airport Pty Limited with a 99 year lease from 1998. The airport is located approximately 17km from Hobart and enjoys curfew free air services.

New Norfolk and Salmon Ponds | New Norfolk

New Norfolk, on the southern bank of the Derwent River is one of the prettiest towns in Tasmania, and is of considerable historic interest. The town had its beginning in 1808, when a party of free settlers, who had been driven by famine from Norfolk Island, arrived in Tasmania only to%

New Norfolk and Salmon Ponds | New Norfolk

New Norfolk, on the southern bank of the Derwent River is one of the prettiest towns in Tasmania, and is of considerable historic interest. The town had its beginning in 1808, when a party of free settlers, who had been driven by famine from Norfolk Island, arrived in Tasmania only to find that colony also in a state of semi-starvation. Anxious that the new-corners should become self-supporting as...

Richmond Arms, Richmond | Richmond

Richmond Arms (originally known as the Commercial Hotel) was a later addition in 1888 to the fine Georgian buildings of Richmond. Beautiful Victorian verandas appear suited to the beautifully proportioned sandstone building.

Richmond Town | Grasstree Hill

Richmond's historic buildings include Hobartville (1828), another Greenway-designed residence. The 'bushranger-proof' doors and barred cellars say something about pioneer security measures. Other buildings include Toxana House (1860), now a historical museum; St. Peter's Anglican Church (1837-1841), with a graveyard where many of the area's pioneers rest; and Woolpack Inn (1830s), which provided l...

St. John's Church, Richmond | Richmond

Nearby to Richmond Bridge and visible through arches of the bridge is St. John's Church, Australia's oldest Roman Catholic church. Built in 1837.

Valleyfield, New Norfolk | New Norfolk

Valleyfield, built in 1822, is one of the oldest buildings in New Norfolk. Built as a single storey brick house the shingled roof extends to a traditional veranda with columns.