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State Library of Victoria, Swanston Street | Melbourne

This institution, which began as the old Melbourne Public Library, is now known to scholars the world over. It contains more than 800,000 volumes and a notable collection of Victoriana-including more than 18,000 paintings, drawings, prints, and artefacts. © LBH

Sydney City | Sydney

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, and the largest city in Australia, is built around the shores of Port Jackson, the site of the first settlement in Australia. In 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip arrived at Botany Bay with the first thousand white people to settle the new land in the South. He had charted his course in accordance with the navigation directions of Captain James Cook who, eight...

Sydney Maritime Museum, Pyrmont | Sydney

The Australian National Maritime Museum, on the western shore of Sydney's Darling Harbour, is in a lively heritage precinct with many attractions. The distinctive main building, with a roofline evoking waves and sails, houses exhibitions that explore Australia's links with the sea and how maritime activities and issues have shaped the lives of people in Australia. The exhibitions are arranged aro...

Sydney Opera House | Sydney

Opera Australia is the principal opera company in Australia and based at the Opera House in Sydney. The performance season runs for approximately eight months of the year, with the remainder of time spent in the The National Arts Centre in Melbourne. In 2004, the company gave 226 performances in its subscription season in Sydney and Melbourne, attended by more than 294,000 people. Like most oper...

Tenterfield Oracles of the Bush | Tenterfield

The Tenterfield Oracles of the Bush held at Tenterfield on the third Friday to Sunday in April is a celebration of Australian bush culture featuring theatre, bush poetry, literature, music and art. Enjoy performances by poets and balladeers, exhibitions, workshops and reenactments of historical events.

War Graves Cemetery, Adelaide River | Adelaide River

The War Graves Cemetery, in the town of Adelaide River, 185 kms south of Darwin, is a grim reminder that the Japanese bombed Darwin more than 60 times during World War II. It's a pleasant setting with green lawns, tropical shrubs, and trees.

Bradman Museum | Bowral

In 1926, when the young Don Bradman first commenced his Grade and representative cricket in Sydney, he was affectionately known as "The Boy From Bowral" a title that remained with him throughout his life. For it was the small Australian country township of Bowral, in New South Wales, that the Bradman family moved to in early 1911. At the time Don Bradman was just 2 ½ years old. The Bradman’s ...

DACOU Aboriginal Gallery | Alice Springs

Australia's leading Aboriginal art galleries, DACOU is the acronym for Dreaming Art Centre Of Utopia.. The Centre was founded by Fred Torres in 1993. Since its inception DACOU has become firmly entrenched in the Aboriginal Art world and is recognised as the leading supplier of quality Utopia art. The gallery specialises in Aboriginal art and Aboriginal paintings from the Utopia region, located 27...

Heide Museum of Modern Art | Bulleen

Heide Museum of Modern Art is a unique space - a synthesis of indoor and outdoor environments, a place of modern and contemporary art and design and a rich colourful art heritage and social history. Located just 15 minutes from Melbourne's CBD, Heide is one of Australia's leading public art museums and offers a tranquil surprising and always stimulating place to visit. Website:

Hou Wang Chinese Temple and Museum | Atherton

The Century-old Chinese temple dedicated to Hou Wang recently opened to the public. Located in Atherton, about one hour's drive from Cairns, the Temple was built by Chinese pioneers in the early 1900's. To ensure its preservation, a local Chinese family donated the Temple buildings and the site of Atherton Chinatown to the National Trust of Queensland. Built of local materials, rainforest timber...

National War Memorial | Adelaide

The National War memorial occupies a prominent position on North Terrace, almost at the eastern boundary of Government House Domain. The memorial was erected by the State Government in 1931. Unusual in design, the memorial comprises two distinct aspects: the Obverse and Reverse, portraying respectively the Prologue and Epilogue of War. The Obverse, facing North Terrace, represents the Spirit of...

Sydney Tramway Museum | Loftus

Located on the outskirts of Royal National Park south of Sydney is Sydney Tramway Museum. The museum acquired the rights to the old railway line into the national park. On Sundays, Wednesdays and public holidays the museum runs trams through the national park and northwards towards Sutherland.

Bus and Truck Museum | Tempe

Located in the renovated 1912 Tempe Tram Depot Sydney Bus and Truck Museum features a variety of beautifully restored vehicles including buses, vintage trucks, milk floats and London taxis. Enjoy a free ride to Newtown in a vintage bus.

Gallery of Fine Art | East Perth

The Gallery of Fine Art is one of the major art galleries of the state. Gallery hours are from Monday to Friday 10.00am to 5.00pm and Sunday 2.00pm to 5.00pm. Further information about the Gallery is available from the galleries' website.

Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award | Melbourne

The Award is held at the Mansion at Werribee Park, Melbourne, early March to early May. Enjoy contemporary sculptures from Australia's leading artists, in the magnificent grounds of Werribee Park.

National History Museum | Adelaide

The National History Museum Building, opened in 1895, houses a number of interesting exhibits. Among these is a complete skeleton of a huge pre-historic Diprotodon which was a marsupial as big as a rhinoceros. Its bones, together with those of a giant wombat, several species of extinct kangaroos, and a large extinct bird of the ostrich type, were discovered in 1892 at Lake Callabonna. The ethno...

Queensland Museum, Bowen Park | Brisbane

The Museum will appeal to those interested in animal and marine life. A particularly attractive exhibit is the coral pool, embracing twenty-four different varieties of coral from the Great Barrier Reef, coloured to give a realistic example of what may actually be seen on the reefs of North Queensland. Visitors can reach the Museum, which stands amidst lawns and colourful gardens near the Exhibitio...

Trainworks | Thirlmere

Trainworks is located in Thirlmere, just over an hour from Sydney. It is the home of Australia's newest and biggest rail experience. Trainworks is a comprehensive showcase of New South Wales’ rail heritage featuring the largest collection of rolling stock in Australia, with interactive exhibits and displays of artefacts and memorabilia

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