Cooloola - Great Sandy National Park | Rainbow Beach

200 kms north of Brisbane lies Cooloola - Great Sandy National Park. This park also includes the Northern half of Fraser Island. The principal feature of the 56,000 hectare park are beautiful rainforests that grow entirely in sand. Poona Lake is one of the main areas of interest.

Coolum Beach Town | Coolum Beach

Coolum is the largest beach side resort on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. The area is fast growing with a population of 18 000. Although visitors will always be welcome to this beautiful place, the population may be capped to preserve the resources and standard of the living in the area. Coolum is approximately 90 minutes (135 km) north of Brisbane and about 15 km south of Noosa. The resort town ...

Creswell Gardens, north bank Torrens Lake | Adelaide

Creswell Gardens are located on the north bank of Torrens Lake. This little park contains the Sir Ross Smith Memorial a bronze statue of the South Australian aviator who, with his brother, made in 1919 the first successful flight from England to Australia.

Croajingolong National Park | Croajingolong National Park

Croajingalong National Park was thought to be the home of the local Aboriginal tribe that once inhabited this magnificent area of Gippsland. Spectacular coastal wilderness, temperate rainforest, coastal heathlands and freshwater lakes.

D'Entrecasteaux National Park | D'Entrecasteaux National Park

20km West of Walpole on the Southern coastline lies D'Entrecasteaux National Park covering an area of 115,000 hectares. The principal features of the park include fishing, coastal scenery, sand dunes and remote beaches. The rugged coastline is unlike any other found in Australia.

Daintree National Park | Daintree

Daintree National Park is the oldest living rainforest on earth at approximately 140 Million years with the southern boundary located at Mossman Gorge and the northern boundary at Bloomfield River. It is now home to rare plants that provide key links in the evolution story. It contains lush tropical vegetation, coral reefs, and the northern section of the Great Dividing Range. Cape Tribulation ...

Davenport Range National Park | Davenport Range National Park

One of the most remote parks in Australia Davenport Range National Park lies 500km North East of Alice Springs. The park's major attraction is its diversity of flora and fauna. The also park offers excellent bushwalking.

Deua National Park | Deua National Park

Deua National Park is an enormous wilderness area of 82,000 hectares inland from the South Coast and reaching southwards to Moruya and Narooma. Shoalhaven River flows northward along the Western side of the park past what has become known as "Big Hole", formed as a hillside collapsed into an underground limestone cave creating a hole 30 metres across and 90 metres deep.

Devil's Marbles | Tennant Creek

The Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve is located 110 km south of Tennant Creek. The Marbles are a collection of huge, red, rounded granite boulders balanced on top of one another. There are many of these 'marbles' that are scattered across a wide, shallow valley. The Devils Marbles were formed from erosion of what were original rectangular granite masses. Over millions of years erosion occured ...

Domain, Sydney | Sydney

The Domain is an area of 100 acres adjoining the Botanic Gardens. From a point known as Lady Macquarie's Chair (named after the wife Governor Macquarrie) a pleasant view of the harbour can be obtained. Also within its boundaries is the National Art Gallery. On Sunday afternoons a cleared area becomes a forum similar to London's Hyde Park, where speakers stand and proclaim to enthralled or amused ...

Dorrigo National Park

Sub-tropical rainforest along the Great Escarpment in this park is characterised by many plant forms and large trees including strangler figs, rope-like lianes, palms, ferns, mosses and orchids.

Elephant Rocks | Denmark

Elephant Rocks are located in William Bay National Park in Western Australia, some 30 kilometers west of Denmark, lying on a sheltered beach , a few hundred metres east of Greens Pool. As it name suggests, Elephant Rocks looks exactly like a herd of elephants, paddling in shallow waters.

Finke Gorge National Park | Alice Springs

Finke Gorge National Park covers an area of 46,000 hectares, and includes Palm Valley, home to a diverse range of unique plant species, including the Red Cabbage Palm This species of Palm is restricted to this area, having a population of around 3,000 adult plants. The Park is accessible all year round except when the Finke River is in flood. The cooler months (from April to September) are the b...

Fitzroy Gardens, Collins St., Melbourne | Melbourne

The Gardens have a long history of over 150 years, few other capital cities can boast such a significant garden so close to the centre of their commercial district. Valued for their historic, aesthetic, architectural and horticultural significance, Fitzroy Gardens were classified by the National Trust in 1974 and placed on the Victorian Heritage Register in 1999. Fitzroy Gardens and the adjacent...

Flagstaff Gardens, King Street | Melbourne

Melbourne's oldest public gardens were laid out in the 1840s. A plaque marks the site of the old signal which announced the arrival of ships at Williamstown.

Flinders Ranges | Melrose

The Flinders Ranges, which rise beyond the head of the Gulf of St Vincent and extend northward for over 480 km into dry saltbush steppes, are popular for winter motoring. This rugged mountain district provides scenic attractions and enjoys a pleasant winter climate. The Flinders Ranges differ materially from the Mount Lofty Ranges near Adelaide. Instead of rounded slopes and sparsely-timbered hil...

Flinders Ranges National Park | Flinders Ranges National Park

Flinders Ranges National Park lies 460km north of Adelaide. Beautiful mountain scenery is the major attraction of this park includes Wilpena Pound, Sacred Canyon, Brachina and Wilkawillina Gorges. The Flinders Ranges extend for about 500km. The southern most section is within easy reach of Adelaide while the northern most part peters out in the desert basin of Lake Eyre. The central part of the r...

Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas | Four Mile Beach

One of the many attractions of Port Douglas is Four Mile Beach. The beach is known for the fine hard sand. From the main Port Douglas district, you can walk to the beach in under 5 minutes and then continue to walk along the sandy shore for hours under the tropical sun. After a while the beach unfolds toa gentle curve that continues as far as the eye can see, without a hint of development.

Francois Peron National Park | Francois Peron National Park

On the North West coast approximately 800km from Perth lies Francois Peron National Park home to Monkey Mia and famous Dolphin Beach. Also known as the outback coast here beautiful red sand dunes flow into the sea.

Franklin Square, Macquarle Street | Hobart

This reserve was laid out about 1860. At one time the grounds formed part of the gardens of the old Government House which stood near what is now the foot of Elizabeth Street. A tablet commemorating the erection of the old building in the year 1807 is at the entrance to the park, facing the General Post Office. In the square is a bronze statue of Sir John Franklin, the Arctic explorer, who was Gov...