Abrolhos Islands | Geraldton

The Abrolhos Islands 64 km west of Geraldton have a romantic past. Named after a Captain of the Dutch East Indies Company, the islands have figured in many novels. They are a favourite nesting place for sea birds and a paradise for fisherman.

Brampton Island | Mackay

Brampton Island (Cumberland Group) is a mountainous island, 4.8 km square in area and is located some 30 km north-east of Mackay. A fragment of a former coastal range, it retains flora and fauna similar to that found on the mainland. The summits of the island are thickly wooded with pines and eucalypts. Sporting facilities available to tourists provide for tennis, fishing, swimming, cruising, r...

Franklin Islands

A group of 5 islands protected as a national park within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, South of Cairns.

Fraser Island, Fraser Island National Park | Fraser Island

Fraser Island, the largest on the Queensland coast, with an area of 394,800 acres, of which 393,000 are State forest. The beautiful lakes and interesting bird like make it an ideal spot for the visitor. Access is by launch from Maryborough. Fraser Island contains many rainforest areas with huge kauri trees, rough bark satinay, brushbox and hundreds of airy piccabeen palms.

Granite Island | Victor Harbor

Granite Island protects Victor Harbour from the strong winds which sweep across the Southern Ocean. It is composed almost entirely of huge granite boulders and is connected with the town by a causeway half a mile in length. During summer, a horse-tram plies between the town and the island, many visitors patronising it for the novelty of the experience.

Hamilton Island Condominium Rentals | Hamilton Island

A unique website dedicated to providing information on available accommodation on beautiful Hamilton Island.

Kingfisher Bay Resort | Hervey Bay

Kingfisher Bay Resort is a 4 star, international standard, fully integrated resort with 152 hotel rooms overlooking lakes and bushland and fabulous Fraser Island.

Lizard Island | Lizard Island

Lizard Island is approximately 80km north of Cooktown. Designed as a resort island offering beautiful beaches and excellent deep sea fishing.

Sailing in the Whitsundays | Whitsundays

Otherwise known as "Paul's Ozzie Pages", this website sets out information on Australian travel books, preferences, and transport in a number of regions in north-east Australia. An on-line diary is also included.

South Stradbroke Island | Stradbroke Island

South Stradbroke Island is a long finger-like stretch of sand a short distance off the Gold Coast. The island was originally joined to North Stradbroke until late 19th century when a Scottish barque carrying a large cargo of explosives ran aground on the narrow strip of sand once joining the two islands. When all efforts to refloat the ship had failed the ship's cargo was detonated. The explosion ...

Stradbroke Island | North Stradbroke Island

Stradbroke Island, just south of Moreton Island, comes in two pieces – North and South Stradbroke – which stretch south for 60 km, almost to Surfers Paradise. Accessible by launch, vehicular ferry or light aircraft (Stradbroke Islands offer sparkling white beaches, freshwater lakes, a wildlife sanctuary, magnificent flora (including ground orchids) and a selection of small but good resorts.

Whitsundayescape | Whitsunday Islands

Whitsundayescape allows you the opportunity to skipper yourself on a boating holiday in the magnificent Whitsunday Islands.