Sydney Travel Guide (NSW, 2000)

Sydney is a vibrant city bursting with character stretching from the shores of the Pacific Ocean to the foot of the Blue Mountains. Whether you seek exhilaration and exploration or 100% relaxation Sydney boasts an impressive list of urban attractions including dining, shopping and recreation.

The personality of Sydney's dining scene is as distinctive as the city itself, reflecting its multicultural diversity and willingness to embrace new things. Find a fresh approach to flavour combinations at numerous gourmet restaurants, many of which are on the harbour and enjoy outstanding views. While high-end dining experiences are plentiful, cafe society thrives in Sydney's inner precincts and beaches. Paddington and Balmain have flourishing pub-dining scenes and quality food is also on offer at historic pubs in The Rocks.

Sydney's shopping offers everything your heart could desire. The City Centre is home to major retail centres offering a range of boutiques and specialty stores, and international designers including DKNY, Versace and Gucci. Find Australian designers such as Morrissey, Collette Dinnigan and Alannah Hill in Oxford Street, Paddington.

Recreation is a specialty of Sydney's, a city that takes full advantage of its natural environs. Soak up Sydney life on the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk, just one of many on offer. The Rose Bay to Watson's Bay and The Spit to Manly walks hug the harbour offering spectacular views. Challenge yourself by climbing Sydney's Harbour Bridge or enjoy a thrilling jet-boat jaunt.

Gain an insight into Sydney Harbour's history on a cruise, or board a yacht to explore the harbour's hidden coves. For further relaxation experience the holiday feel of Sydney's Northern Beaches stretching from Manly to Palm Beach. Escape to Outer Sydney to explore areas steeped in history and rich in natural beauty.

Feel free to take part in the Sydney experience, tasting the lifestyle along the way!

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