Animals & Wildlife

Australian Koala Foundation | Brisbane

The official website of the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF), the principal non governmental organisation dedicated to saving the Koala and its habitat.

Koala Bear park, Adelaide | Adelaide

Koala Bear park – in Parlands between Walkerville car line and Zoological Gardens.

Possums | Mosman

The possums, medium-sized, thick-furred marsupials, are by far the most common of all Australian mammals, being found in practically all parts of Australia, except Cape York Peninsula. The common possum is about the size of a Persian cat and is covered with thick soft fur. It has a beautiful, long, prehensile tail and is quite harmless. At one time hunted for food by the aborigines, the possum wa...

Wombat | Mosman

Wombats, of which there are several distinct species, are small bear-like animals. Their short, furry bodies have a flattened appearance which is accentuated by their stubby, thick limbs, broad muzzle, and short neck. They do not climb trees but prefer to live by day in a capacious burrow, issuing forth at night to search for food which usually consists of grass, roots, and bark. Provided with pow...

Koalas | Newhaven

Of all the Australian animals, the koala or native bear has perhaps the widest appeal. Except when teased or frightened, they are as inoffensive as they look. Full-grown koalas are about two foot long and are covered with thick woolly fur, grey on top and yellowish white below. They live in certain species of eucalyptus trees and, although very clumsy and slow on the ground, are remarkably well ad...

Koalas on Mornington Peninsula

An online guide setting out information on koalas on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. Apparently the site has not been updated since 30 June 1998.

Otira Homestead | Cowes (Phillip Island)

Otira Homestead Bed & Breakfast is a romantic retreat. Accommodation is provided in one 2 bedroom cottage, 1 three bedroom cottage or 3 double rooms in the homestead. Breakfast is served in the dining room. Enjoy farm activities, tennis court and trampoline. Nearby attractions include penguin viewing, koala sanctuary, beaches, walks and golf.