Great Barrier Reef, Great Barrier Reef NP | Port Douglas

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia is the most extensive coral reef in existence, and for interest, variety and beauty of marine life, it is possibly unrivalled by any other region of similar extent. Built up over millions of years by the tiny coral polyp, the Reef extends from north of Cape York, [1250 miles] southward, enclosing a waterway of great beauty. It is not a single reef, but a serie...

Eaglehawk Dive Centre | Eaglehawk Neck

'Eaglehawk' offers exciting diving trips to local seal colonies, kelp forests, caves, canyons and wrecks. Experience the beauty of Tasman Peninsula where whales and dolphins are regularly sighted. Equipment hire and diving courses are also available

Pro Dive Jervis Bay | Huskisson

Pro Dive Jervis Bay offers something for every diver including dives to reefs, drop-offs, caves, crevices, archways and gutters around the Bay's 30 dive sites. A variety of courses are also available for all levels.