Port Arthur Town | Port Arthur

Port Arthur is the focal point in the history of Tasmania's penal system. The town is typically "English" and is one of the most popular tourist resorts on the Island. The ruins of the former Penal Settlement can be visited under the direction of guides. Port Arthur was established by Governor Arthur in 1830 and remained Australia's principal penal settlement until 1853, when convict transportati...

Risdon, Hobart | Risdon

Risdon, the site of the first settlement in Tasmania, stands on the eastern bank of the Derwent River, five km from the city. A monument marks the landing-place of Lieutenant Bowen who, on 13th September 1803, selected Risdon Cove for the establishment of a permanent settlement. During its brief existence of less than six months, the Risdon settlement was in a constant state of uproar because Bow...

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Macquarie Street | Hobart

This Museum owes its inception to the Royal Society of Tasmania, which has gradually brought together a valuable collection of specimens dealing with the natural history, geology, and history of Tasmania. Two galleries are devoted to Ethnology. One for Tasmania, and the other for general ethnology of Australia and the Pacific Islands. One of the most attractive exhibits is a habitat group of T...

Adventure Bay Town | Adventure Bay

Adventure Bay is one of the popular resorts within reach of the city. Bathing and boating can be enjoyed. Across the Channel lies Bruny Island. There are many attractions for the tourist such as Denne's Point, where the holiday makers go.

Ansons Bay Town | Ansons Bay

Ansons Bay is located in a most attractive part of the Island and is popular with anglers. Bream fishing is the main feature. The climate is good and the town is within easy reach of other popular holiday resorts. There are good camping grounds available.

Avoca Town | Avoca

Situated near Ben Lomond, Avoca is the centre for many excursions to the summit of this lofty mountain, which is the highest in Tasmania. The surrounding district holds much that is of interest for the tourist.

Beaconsfield Town | Beaconsfield

Beaconsfield is situated on the Tamar River and is within easy reach of Launceston, and 22 km from Beauty Point at the mouth of the Tamar, opposite Georgetown. Camping in all parts of the municipality.

Bright | Bright

Bright is situated in the heart of the Australian Alps 315 kms north-east of Melbourne by rail. It is a winter rendezvous for skiers bound for Mounts Buffalo and Hotham. Cars can be used for trips to a number of near-by beauty spots. One of the best trips is that which follows the course of the Ovens River for 16 kms to Harrietville through alpine scenery. Splendid views of Mount Bogong (1983 met...

Browns River Town | Hobart

Brown's River is situated close to Hobart and overlooks Southarm. Transport from Hobart is good. The outstanding Kingston Golf Course is nearby. All sporting facilities are provided.

Buckland Town | Buckland

Buckland lies on the upper reaches of the Prosser River, 47 km from Hobart. The interesting feature of this town is St John's Church, which contains a stained glass window said to have once adorned the Battle Abbey erected by William the Conqueror, Buckland also has an old hotel of historic interest still in use. There are many pleasant drives in the surrounding district.

Burnie Town | Burnie

Burnie lies on the fringe of the rugged Wild West and is within easy reach of many places of scenic interest. The town is the largest on the north-west coast and is noted for the manufacture of a fine class of paper. The port of Burnie is capable of berthing overseas liners. The beaches are excellent and there is a plentiful supply of sporting facilities for the tourist. Camping is about 2 km from...

Campbell Town | Campbell Town

In the centre of the sheep country. Special trips can be organized to include visits to Lakes Swansea and Leake. There are camping facilities on the Esplanade near Elizabeth River.

Cygnet Town | Cygnet

Cygnet is situated in the heart of a rich orchard district 56 km from Hobart. The country trips are of interest and splendid orchards can be inspected. Camping park at Randall's Bay, 7 km away.

Deloraine Town | Deloraine

Deloraine lies on the banks of Meander River, 48 km from Launceston. There are many places of interest within easy reach including the famous caves at Mole Creek. A feature of Deloraine is Quamby Bluff, the colouring of which, at sunset, is unique. Camping available in the recreation grounds.

Derwent Bridge Town | Derwent Bridge

Derwent is situated near the famous Lake St. Clair with its scenery of unsurpassed splendour. The Tarraleah Power Station is also within easy distance. Fishing and bushwalking are available.

Deviot Town | Deviot

Deviot lies on the banks of the Tamar River, amidst rich orchard country. The town is small, but the picturesque district makes it a pleasant trip from Launceston.

Devonport Town | Devonport

Devonport, one of the principal towns on the north-west coast, stands about half a km from the mouth of the River Mersey, Built on both sides of the river, it was constituted in 1890 by the merging of the townships of Torquay and Formby. They are now connected by a bridge and by a regular ferry service. Several bathing beaches lie within walking distance of the town, the nearest and most popular ...

Dover Town | Dover

The town is the centre of a rich timber area and is within easy reach of Hobart. Transport facilities connecting with the capital are regular and a choice of travel by road or water can be made.