Adelaide City | Adelaide

Adelaide is one of the best planned cities in Australia and the country’s the fourth largest. Colonel William Light, the State's first Surveyor General, determined both the location and plan of the city in the face of severe criticism and bitter opposition. In the preface to his Brief Journal, published in 1839, Light replied to his critics as folloows: "The reasons that led me to fix Adelaide w...

Victor Harbour Town | Victor Harbor

Victor Harbour is the principal seaside and holiday resort of South Australia. The town stands upon the shores of Encounter Bay, 85 km south of Adelaide. Along the foreshores of the harbour is a series of gardens and playgrounds, equipped with picnic shelters and bathing sheds, and sheltered by Norfolk Island pines. Sport available includes bowling, croquet, golf, tennis, and swimming, Surfing is...

Wilmington Town | Wilmington

Wilmington is a tiny rural town about 300 km north of Adelaide. The area was once called “Beautiful Valley” when the first European settlers arrived in the region in the 1850s. It was officially named Wilmington by Governor Musgrave in 1876. Activities include bushwalking, photography, bird watching, camping, sightseeing and just enjoying the great outdoors. Walking trails start from Alliga...

Cape Jervis Town | Cape Jervis

Cape Jervis is located on the tip of Fleurieu Peninsula south of Adelaide. It is the main terminal for the passenger and car ferry to Kangaroo Island. The town looks out over Backstairs Passage, is a quiet fishing town with wharf, nearby beaches and plenty of local parks and recreational areas for bushwalking.

Ceduna Town | Ceduna

Ceduna is located in the West Coast region of South Australia. The town is situated in the northwest corner of Eyre Peninsula, west of the junction of the Flinders and Eyre Highways and around 786 km northwest of Adelaide. Ceduna is the last major settlement before crossing the Nullarbor Plain from east to west.

Mount Gambier Town | Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier is situated between Adelaide and Melbourne. The location makes the town an ideal resting point for those travelling to or from The Great Ocean Road or the Grampians or an extended stay to enjoy the natural and cultural beauty of the surrounding region, caves sinkholes, coastline, rivers, lakes and wineries.

Murray Bridge Town | Murray Bridge

The rural City of Murray Bridge is the largest Murraylands Council area with a population of 18,000 and predicted to grow to 30,000 people by 2025 as one of the most boyant regional economies in South Australia. As the regional administrative and business hub, Murray Bridge & district includes some of the largest businesses - T&R Pastoral, Ridleys Agri-Products, CPS Pipes, Big River Pork, The N...

Penneshaw Town, Kangaroo Is. | Penneshaw

The township of Penneshaw is situated on the Dudley Peninsula at the eastern end of the island and is the settlement closest to the mainland. It is a convenient centre for short motor trips into the surrounding country and is close to a good beach suitable for bathing. Hotel and guest-house accommodation and the usual sporting facilities are available. One of the best short motor trips is through ...

Port Augusta City | Port Augusta

Port Augusta is a City of growing importance and the most northerly port in the Spencer Gulf. Named after Augusta, the wife of Governor Young, the Port is one of the deep sea ports of South Australia. Horrocks Pass and Pichi Richi Pass are added attractions.

Port Elliott Town | Port Elliot

Port Elliott is situated 86 km from Adelaide on the South Coast and occupies a commanding position on a rocky promontory. Around Horseshoe Bay at the eastern end of the promontory there is a beautiful marine drive leading down to the beach. The town is a popular holiday resort with facilities for all forms of outdoor entertainment. The coastal scenery is beautiful and the swimming is good. Campin...

Port Lincoln Town | Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln, the principal town and seaport on the Eyre Peninsula, stands on the western shore of Boston Bay, a landlocked harbour which is generally considered the best in the State. In addition to its growing commercial importance as the natural outlet for much of the wheat and wool grown on the peninsula, Port Lincoln is becoming a popular seaside holiday resort. Long famed for the excellence ...

Port Macdonnell Town | Port Macdonnell

28 km south of Mount Gambier is noted as the home town of Adam Lindsay Gordon whose home. Dingley Dell, 5 km away, is now a National Pleasure Resort. Camping available on foreshore.

Port Noarlunga Town | Port Noarlunga

Port Noarlunga is situated 32 km from Adelaide on the shores of Gulf St. Vincent. The town is a popular resort and provides good fishing, safe swimming and outdoor facilities for sport. On the cliffs between the town and Christmas Beach a good camping ground is situated.

Port Pirie City | Port Pirie

Port Pirie is South Australia's largest city outside the metropolitan area and one of the most important industrial centres in the State. Situated on the eastern shore of Spencer's Gulf, Port Pirie is the natural outlet for one of the finest wheat-producing regions in Australia and is named after a Lord Mayor of London who was one of the Directors of the South Australian Co. which founded the colo...

Quorn Town | Quorn

Quorn is an important railway and farming centre in the Flinders Range area. Between Quorn and Hawker motorists have a choice of routes. The most direct is along the railway line but those who take the back track will be repaid with views along the Willochra Creek which empties itself into Lake Torrens.

Renmark Town | Renmark

Renmark is one of the show towns on the River Murray, known all over the world for its citrus. Renmark, the principal irrigation settlement of South Australia, is beautifully situated on a bend of the Murray River, 265 km from Adelaide. The town owes its foundation to the Chaffey Brothers from California who in 1887 established several irrigation settlements in the Murray Valley. The town is well...

Robe Town | Robe

Robe is not as large as it was once when it gained notoriety as the port through which Chinese were "smuggled" to the Victorian gold fields The town, however remains a scenic old world town of stone. Robe is situated on the shores of Guichen Bay about 339 km from Adelaide and 98 km north-west of Mount Gambler. Although, the town is the coolest seaside resort in South Australia Robe is one of the...

Strathalbyn Town | Strathalbyn

Strathalbyn is situated on the River Angas 56 km from Adelaide. The town has fine parks and many features of general interest and is well serviced by transport. Camping is available at Doctor's Creek, 7 km from the town, on the main Adelaide Road.

Swan Reach Town | Swan Reach

Swan Reach is situated on the Murray River with many facilities for a good holiday. Fishing and boating are features, and camping space is available on the eastern side of the river about a km from the town.

Tailem Bend Town | Tailem Bend

Tailem Bend is a railway town on the Melbourne-Adelaide route remembered by interstate travellers mostly for its name, which is linked with the fact that in the early days travelling used to be tailed here.