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Castlemaine and Maldon | Castlemaine

Castlemaine and Maldon, north-west of Melbourne are two small gold mining towns well worth visiting. Maldon, on the slopes of Mount Tarrangower, is the only town entirely protected by the National Trust of Victoria. Its Folk Museum, housed in the old Council Offices, contains a wealth of Gold Rush memorabilia, and the post office was the childhood home of the novelist Henry Handel Richardson. You'...

Gympie Goldfield | Gympie

This goldfield is presently operated by Gympie Gold Limited.

Kiandra Ghost Town | Kosciuszko

Kiandra is now a ghost town. However, evidence of the gold rush giving rise to the town is still to be seen in the ruins and abandoned mines. Visitors can enjoy the town’s heritage walk. The former town lies fourteen km from Yarrongobilly Caves. The Town was the highest town in Australia (1300 metres.) and is snow-bound and isolated often in winter. Ski-ing and other grand winter sports are to...

Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill is located on 60 acres of land originally the site of the richest alluvial gold rush in the world. Sovereign Hill is located near Ballarat.

Ballarat City | Ballarat Central

Known to the aboriginals as "the resting place", now known to all as the "Garden City." The picturesque past history of this city is reflected in its air of progress. The City of Ballarat, is situated on the fringe of the Great Dividing Range, 431 metres above sea-level. Originally a sheep-run, Ballarat lured adventurers and fortune-seekers the world over when gold was discovered in 1851 in the B...

Bealiba Town | Bealiba

Centre of a rich district and situated on Cochranes Creek. The surrounding country is very beautiful and many pleasant drives can be made. Bealiba was formerly a rich gold mining district.

Bendigo City | Bendigo

Bendigo and nearby Rochester are the principal towns of Bendigo Loddon region. Other towns include Elmore, Lockington, Kamarooka, Raywood, Eaglehawk and Epson. Attractions Greater Bendigo National Park and Loddon Valley are main attractions of this area. The Golden City has a charm and beauty entirely all of its own. From the romantic early days of the goldfields Bendigo has emerged a wealthy pr...

Broken Hill City

Known as "The Silver City" and possesses one of the most colourful histories of any town in the Commonwealth. The hotel accommodation is very good. There are many pleasing features including a splendid park and playground at Silverton. Visits to the rich mines can be arranged. There are many sporting facilities including golf, tennis, dog racing and outdoor cinema. Trips to the outback can be arra...

Kalgoorlie - Boulder City | Kalgoorlie

Kalgoorlie, a city in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia, is located 595 kms east-north-east of the state captial Perth. The city was founded in 1893 during the Yilgarn-Goldfields gold rush, and is located close to the so-called "Golden Mile". Known as Kalgoorlie-Boulder, the city fringes the site of a huge gold mine. Kalgoorlie has had a huge impact on Australia’s history. ...

Maryborough Town | Maryborough

Maryborough was originally settled by the Simpson brothers as a cattle run. Later the town became the scene of rich goldfields with resultant rushes. The tree-lined streets are spacious. A Strong sense of civic pride has enabled the planting of lovely trees and gardens. Home of the Highland Society, the New Year witnesses the gathering of the clans at the the towns annual Sports Carnival. Swimm...

Charters Towers | Richmond Hill

128 km west of Townsville is a progressive mining municipality and also the centre of a fine cattle-raising and dairying district. The name was originally “Charter’s Tore”. Named after a gold warden who discovered the site. The “Tors” are several remarkable peaks which are well known landmarks.

Croydon Town | Croydon

Gold was first discovered at Croydon in 1885. Mining ceased operating in 1925 leaving Croydon to become a virtual ghost town. The Courthouse dates from 1887 and the museum displays fine examples of the mining machinery used in the 1880s. Approximately 160 kilometres east of Croydon and south of Forsayth is Agate Creek mineral reserve. This reserve contains some of the world’s best quality agat...

Gippsland Gold

Many of Gippsland gold fields are almost impossible to access without the assistance of 4WD or cross-country bush walking. Probably the best known site in Gippsland region is the historic township of Walhalla, home to Victoria's richest gold producer, the Long Tunnel Mine. In this area many gold trails where gold pioneers originally made their way from Melbourne to the Gippsland district still sur...

Grant Historic Area

Grant Historic Area in Victoria's high country in central Gippsland is approximately 300km from Melbourne and provides an excellent base to explore the sites of many old gold mining towns lining the crooked, Wongungarra and Wonnangatta Rivers. Town sites include: Bulltown, Hog Town, Howitville and Winchester.

Herons Reef Historic Gold Diggings

These diggings are located on a 130 acre property in Fryerstown owned by Mr Les Simmons. Visitors to the diggings are taken on a tour by Mr Simmons over the old mine and an explanation of gold extraction methods that were used is given.

Majors Creek | Majors Creek

The first gold of the district was discovered here in October 1851 by Mrs Baxter. The indomitable woman was killed 18 months later when a cart in which she was travelling overturned crushing her. Majors Creek is now a small village noted for its spectacular waterfalls and of course Clarks Lookout on Majors Creek Mountain.

Sovereign Hill Historical Park. Ballarat | Ballarat Central

Sovereign Hill Historical Park, about a km beyond Ballarat, evokes memories of the Gold Rush period. Set near land once mined by the diggers, the park marks the first phases in re-creating many aspects of the miners' lives-windlasses, shafts, a horse-drawn arrastre (drag-stone mill) to crush the ore, a Chinese joss house, Gold Commissioner's tent where the hated licenses were issued, shanties, bla...