Cooloola - Great Sandy National Park | Rainbow Beach

200 kms north of Brisbane lies Cooloola - Great Sandy National Park. This park also includes the Northern half of Fraser Island. The principal feature of the 56,000 hectare park are beautiful rainforests that grow entirely in sand. Poona Lake is one of the main areas of interest.

Daintree National Park | Daintree

Daintree National Park is the oldest living rainforest on earth at approximately 140 Million years with the southern boundary located at Mossman Gorge and the northern boundary at Bloomfield River. It is now home to rare plants that provide key links in the evolution story. It contains lush tropical vegetation, coral reefs, and the northern section of the Great Dividing Range. Cape Tribulation ...

Dorrigo National Park

Sub-tropical rainforest along the Great Escarpment in this park is characterised by many plant forms and large trees including strangler figs, rope-like lianes, palms, ferns, mosses and orchids.

Lamington National Park, SE Queensland | Binna Burra

This wild mountain region of 47,000 acres is the principal national park in southern Queensland and comprises the Roberts, and Lamington Plateaux, offshoots of the Macpherson Range which forms a natural barrier between New South Wales and Queensland. Rare trees and bird life, and rugged mountain scenery are features of the park. The Park lies in South East Queensland approximately 100 kms South o...

Liffey Falls | Deloraine

Liffey Falls is surrounded by rich ferny rainforest vegetation with prominent tree ferns.

Lind National Park

This park contains many spectacular warm temperate rainforest areas supporting trees such a coachwood, crabapple, sassafras, callicoma, lillie pillie and corkwood.

Mount Tamborine | Nerang

Mount Tamborine (553 metres) is one of the most popular mountain resorts within easy motoring distance of Brisbane city. In Macdonald Park and Franklin Reserve are large patches of rain-forest vegetation with creepers, palms, ferns, and lichens. The butterfly collection at North Tamborine is worth a visit, and also of interest is the palm grove at Eagle Heights, where visitors may see Macrozamia p...

Otway National Park

Towering rainforests of mountain ash and myrtle beech rainforests with thick undergrowths of mosses and tree ferns feature prominently on the "Maits Rest Walk" and in Melba Gully in Otway National Park. Triplet Falls is a beautiful example of the many spectacular waterfalls found in Otway Ranges.

Russell Falls, Mount Field National Park

Mount Field National Park, situated on a high plateau overlooking the Derwent Valley, has summit areas rich in alpine vegetation that tolerate winter snows. On lower slops, streams become a tumble of waterfalls. One of those waterfalls is beautiful Russell Falls. There are pockets of temperate rainforest here with lush growths of tree ferns. Mt Field National Park lies 75 kms to the north- west...

Washpool National Park | Washpool National Park

Washpool National Park lies in mountain ranges 75km East of Glen Innes. The park lays claim to the largest area of old growth, warm temperate rainforest in New South Wales. A bird watcher's paradise with over 260 species of birds.

Springbrook National Park

Springbrook National Park south of Brisbane contains many beautiful rainforest areas with average annual rainfall above 3000mm. Purlingbrook Falls plunges over 100m into a beautiful rainforest gully below.

Tarra-Bulga National Park

This national park is well known for its giant mountain ash forests and stunning fern gullies with ancient myrtle beeches. The park covers 625 hectares of original cool temperate rainforest on Strzelecki Ranges.

Fraser Island, Fraser Island National Park | Fraser Island

Fraser Island, the largest on the Queensland coast, with an area of 394,800 acres, of which 393,000 are State forest. The beautiful lakes and interesting bird like make it an ideal spot for the visitor. Access is by launch from Maryborough. Fraser Island contains many rainforest areas with huge kauri trees, rough bark satinay, brushbox and hundreds of airy piccabeen palms.