Alpine National Park | Mansfield

Extending across the Great Dividing Range from Mansfield through to the North Eastern Border of New South Wales Alpine National Park was first explored by Hume and Hovel in 1824. The park covers an area of 646,000 hectares. Abundant flora is the most notable feature, particularly forests of eucalypts including mountain gum, stringy bark and snow gums above the snow line. The diversity of wildlif...

Arltunga Historical Reserve | Arltunga Historical Reserve

Arltunga Historical Reserve lies 100km East of Alice Springs. The best time to visit is between April and late October. Camping, gold fossicking and walking trails are the principal attractions of the park.

Bellenden Ker National Park | Bellenden Ker National Park

30km south of Cairns lies Bellenden Ker National Park. The park lays claim to Queensland highest mountain, 1,611m high Mount Bartle Frere. The granite ranges are covered with rich rainforest and mini creeks and waterfalls feed the rivers of the valley on their way to water lowland cane fields.

Blue Mountains National Park | Katoomba

100km West of Sydney, the Blue Mountains National Park has the most spectacular scenery of any of Australia's parks. Enjoy the raw beauty of the sandstone cliffs and deep gorges originally deposited by river systems that drained into a coastal plain more than 275 million years ago. 50 million years ago the area was uplifted to become the Great Dividing Range. The range formed a natural barrier ...

Canunda National Park | Canunda National Park

390km South East of Adelaide lies Canunda National Park known for its spectacular coastline and beautiful sand dune landscapes.

Cooloola - Great Sandy National Park | Rainbow Beach

200 kms north of Brisbane lies Cooloola - Great Sandy National Park. This park also includes the Northern half of Fraser Island. The principal feature of the 56,000 hectare park are beautiful rainforests that grow entirely in sand. Poona Lake is one of the main areas of interest.

Croajingolong National Park | Croajingolong National Park

Croajingalong National Park was thought to be the home of the local Aboriginal tribe that once inhabited this magnificent area of Gippsland. Spectacular coastal wilderness, temperate rainforest, coastal heathlands and freshwater lakes.

D'Entrecasteaux National Park | D'Entrecasteaux National Park

20km West of Walpole on the Southern coastline lies D'Entrecasteaux National Park covering an area of 115,000 hectares. The principal features of the park include fishing, coastal scenery, sand dunes and remote beaches. The rugged coastline is unlike any other found in Australia.

Daintree National Park | Daintree

Daintree National Park is the oldest living rainforest on earth at approximately 140 Million years with the southern boundary located at Mossman Gorge and the northern boundary at Bloomfield River. It is now home to rare plants that provide key links in the evolution story. It contains lush tropical vegetation, coral reefs, and the northern section of the Great Dividing Range. Cape Tribulation ...

Davenport Range National Park | Davenport Range National Park

One of the most remote parks in Australia Davenport Range National Park lies 500km North East of Alice Springs. The park's major attraction is its diversity of flora and fauna. The also park offers excellent bushwalking.

Deua National Park | Deua National Park

Deua National Park is an enormous wilderness area of 82,000 hectares inland from the South Coast and reaching southwards to Moruya and Narooma. Shoalhaven River flows northward along the Western side of the park past what has become known as "Big Hole", formed as a hillside collapsed into an underground limestone cave creating a hole 30 metres across and 90 metres deep.

Flinders Ranges National Park | Flinders Ranges National Park

Flinders Ranges National Park lies 460km north of Adelaide. Beautiful mountain scenery is the major attraction of this park includes Wilpena Pound, Sacred Canyon, Brachina and Wilkawillina Gorges. The Flinders Ranges extend for about 500km. The southern most section is within easy reach of Adelaide while the northern most part peters out in the desert basin of Lake Eyre. The central part of the r...

Francois Peron National Park | Francois Peron National Park

On the North West coast approximately 800km from Perth lies Francois Peron National Park home to Monkey Mia and famous Dolphin Beach. Also known as the outback coast here beautiful red sand dunes flow into the sea.

Frenchmans Cap, Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, Tasmania, | Queenstown

Frenchmans Cap is a prominent mountain in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, Western Tasmania. It lies east of the West Coast Range, and south-west of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. The boundary of the park is about 2.5 hours' drive from Hobart along the Lyell Highway (A10). From Strahan, the park can be accessed via a cruise on the Gordon River. Those intending to...

Gammon Ranges National Park | Gammon Ranges National Park

Spectacular mountain country is the main feature of Gammon Ranges National Park located 750km North of Adelaide.

Genoa Creek Falls, Croajingolong National Park | Genoa

Genoa Creek falls are located in Croajingolong National Park. This park covers 87,500 hectares and extends for 100 km along the wilderness coast of Victoria's East Gippsland protecting remote beaches, tall forests, heathland, rainforest, estuaries and granite peaks. Croajingolong is one of the state's largest parks, outstanding for its stunning wilderness coastline and a wealth of flora and faun...

Gibson Desert Nature Reserve | Gibson Desert Nature Reserve

Gibson Desert Nature Reserve lies 1,500km North East of Perth. Covering 1.9 million hectares the park covers a vast area of Gibson Desert named by explorer Ernest Giles in 1873 after one of his companions. The principal features of the park are spectacular McPhersons Pillar and Lake Newell.

Girraween National Park | Girraween National Park

250km South West of Brisbane lies Girraween National Park, a magnificent 11,000 hectare wilderness in rugged granite country.

Great Sandy National Park | Great Sandy National Park

Great Sandy National Park otherwise known as Fraser Island is approximately 190km North of Brisbane. The island is the largest sand island in the world and covers an area of 165,280 hectares. Fraser Island is famous for its coloured sands also found in the Southern section of the Great Sandy National Park at Cooloola on the mainland. The coloured sands are particularly evident at "Cathedrals" on t...

Grosse Valley & Govertts Leap, Blackheath | Blackheath

Grosse Valley is located in Blue Mountains National Park. One of the best positions to see Grosse Valley is from its Southern side at Govetts Leap or Bolster Point. This spot takes its name from colonial assistant surveyor, William Govett, who discovered it in 1831. It is thought that Govetts Leap may also have been named after an escaped convict turned bushranger named Govett who, as legend has i...