Kiandra Ghost Town | Kosciuszko

Kiandra is now a ghost town. However, evidence of the gold rush giving rise to the town is still to be seen in the ruins and abandoned mines. Visitors can enjoy the town’s heritage walk. The former town lies fourteen km from Yarrongobilly Caves. The Town was the highest town in Australia (1300 metres.) and is snow-bound and isolated often in winter. Ski-ing and other grand winter sports are to...

Boydtown | Boydtown

On the southern shore of Twofold Bay stands Boydtown, now a ghost town and memorial to the grandiose plans of Benjamin Boyd. The hotel built by Boyd in 1843, in a combination of Victorian, Gothic and Tudor styles, has been restored and today operates as a hotel. Apart from the ruins of Boyd’s Church it is the only remnant of Boydtown’s short lived history.

Mill Point | Mill Point

Mill Point in the late 1800s was a bustling town on the shore of a lake just north of what's now the tourist haunt of Noosa. Mill Point was a company town built on logging, with an enormous sawmill, a library and school, shops and even a tramway system and wharf. All that's left on the ground today where the town once stood are bits of broken glass and a few bricks between the tangled web of lan...

Croydon Town | Croydon

Gold was first discovered at Croydon in 1885. Mining ceased operating in 1925 leaving Croydon to become a virtual ghost town. The Courthouse dates from 1887 and the museum displays fine examples of the mining machinery used in the 1880s. Approximately 160 kilometres east of Croydon and south of Forsayth is Agate Creek mineral reserve. This reserve contains some of the world’s best quality agat...

Mount Gipps | Mount Gipps

Mount Gipps is 14km North of Broken Hill.

Thackaringa | Thackaringa

Follow dingo fence from Cockburn.