Grosse Valley & Govertts Leap, Blackheath - Blackheath, NSW

Grosse Valley & Govertts Leap, Blackheath

Grosse Valley is located in Blue Mountains National Park. One of the best positions to see Grosse Valley is from its Southern side at Govetts Leap or Bolster Point. This spot takes its name from colonial assistant surveyor, William Govett, who discovered it in 1831. It is thought that Govetts Leap may also have been named after an escaped convict turned bushranger named Govett who, as legend has it, preferred death to capture, when trapped at the edge of the cliff by pursuing troopers, wheeled his horse around gasting himself and horse into the abyss.

From this point the beautiful Grosse Valley can be seen in all its magnificence. Early last century the river meandering through this valley was proposed as the prefered route for the first rail link between Sydney and west New South Wales. The railway was partially built up to the end of the Grosse Valley in what can only be described as a futile engineering miracle.

The project was abandoned in 1834 as a total loss and amid considerable scandal when it was discovered that the proposed tunnel gradient underneath Darling Causeway to bring the tracks to Lithgow at the western end of the valley would have been to steep to carry trains.


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