John Joseph William Molesworth Oxley - Brisbane, QLD

John Joseph William Molesworth Oxley

John Joseph William Molesworth Oxley (1783 to 1828). John Oxley, Naval Officer and Surveyor arrived in Sydney in 1802. Oxley undertook a number of explorations to inland Australia in search of a belief that he would find an inland sea. On 24 April 1817 he set out to trace to Lachlan River discovering Bathurst Falls shortly after starting. He described the country as: "Impossible to fancy a worse country, intersected by swamps and small lagoons in every direction; the soil a poor clay, and covered with stunted useless timber". He was mystified by the fact that the Lachlan River that he followed for some 1200 miles was fed by no tributaries and in the end simply vanished. On his return journey he connected with Macquarie River describing the country in this region as a "rich and picturesque country abounding in limestone, slate, good timber and every other requisite that could render an uncultivated country desirable". The expedition returned to the coast arriving at what is known today as Port Macquarie named by Oxley after the then governor of N.S.W. Oxley's second major expedition returned from an exploration of the Brisbane River in a whale boat in 1823.


Brisbane, QLD, 4000