City Park, Tamar Street - Launceston, TAS

City Park, Tamar Street

The City Park, a public reserve of 12 acres laid out in lawns and gardens and shaded with oak and other English trees, is at the eastern end of the city, within a few minutes' walk of the railway station. On its formation in 1838, the Launceston Horticultural Society took over this land (which adjoined the site then occupied by the Northern Government House) and laid out the grounds as a garden.

In 1863, however, the Society found that it could not afford the upkeep and handed the gardens over to the Municipal Council, on the understanding that they were to be maintained for all time for the benefit of the people. In the centre of the park is a conservatory in which are seasonal displays of rare and beautiful blooms.


City Park, Tamar Street
Launceston, TAS, 7250