Phillip Island - San Remo, VIC

Phillip Island

Phillip Island stands at the entrance to Western Port. Its distinctive feature is the quantity and variety of native marine and animal life living there in a wild state. With abundant food and free from molestation, koalas thrive, and at almost any time a dozen or more may be seen in the forks of the eucalypt trees around Cowes, Rhyll, and Newhaven. Seal Rocks, a few hundred yards from The Nobbies at the western extremity of the island, is the haunt of a colony of seals. Penguin rookeries are found at Summerland and in the sandhills between The Nobbies and Cowry Creek.

Short trips may be made by boat to Seal Rocks, French Island, Flinders, and San Remo, Sporting facilities include bowls, tennis, and a golf course at Summer-land.


San Remo, VIC, 3925