Moreton Bay, Moreton Is. & Stradbroke Island - Brisbane, QLD

Moreton Bay, Moreton Is. & Stradbroke Island

Moreton Bay is the gateway to Queensland. Ocean going liners pass regularly through the northern Passage between Moreton Island, providing a wide stretch of calm water. Excellent bay cruises are available to the visitor.

Moreton Island, about 20 kms east of the mouth of the Brisbane River, is 24 kms long and boasts the world's highest permanent sand dunes-Mount Tempest (278 metres elevation) and Storm Mountain (266 metres).

You can visit Tangalooma, the island's main resort, on a day cruise. If you decide to stay longer, you can enjoy swimming, surfing, riding, sandhill toboganning, tennis, fishing, skin diving, or other island activities. Stradbroke Island, just south of Moreton Island, comes in two pieces—North and South Strandbroke that stretch south for 61 kms, almost to Surfers Paradise. Accessible by boat or vehicular ferry, the Stradbroke islands offer sparkling white beaches, freshwater lakes, a wildlife sanctuary, magnificent flora (including ground orchids), and a selection of good resorts.


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