Elizabeth Farm, 70 Alice St., Rosehill - Rosehill, NSW

Elizabeth Farm, 70 Alice St., Rosehill

Elizabeth Farm House, with its deep shady verandas and restful grounds, is a rare example of an early Australian colonial bungalow. Commenced in 1793, it was built for John and Elizabeth Macarthur, pioneers of the Australian wool industry. Elizabeth Farm is situated in a re-created 1830s garden and reflects the architectural ideas of the colony’s first 50 years.

There are no inhibiting room barriers with visitors allowed free access to all areas. The tea rooms are open 11am to 3pm for light meals and refreshments. Elizabeth Farm is 30 minutes by car or train, west from central Sydney, or catch the River Cat from Circular Quay.

Open: Daily 10am to 5pm
Tel: (02) 9635 9488

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(02) 9635 9488


Alice Street
Rosehill, NSW, 2142