Wombat - Mosman, NSW


Wombats, of which there are several distinct species, are small bear-like animals. Their short, furry bodies have a flattened appearance which is accentuated by their stubby, thick limbs, broad muzzle, and short neck. They do not climb trees but prefer to live by day in a capacious burrow, issuing forth at night to search for food which usually consists of grass, roots, and bark. Provided with powerful legs, sharp, curved nails, and strong chisel-shaped teeth, they are well equipped for an underground life. Moreover, they can give a good account of themselves, if attacked in their burrow by a dog or other unwelcome visitor. If captured young, however, they can be easily tamed and will quickly adapt themselves to domestic life.

Wombats are found chiefly in the mountainous and wooded country of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia.


Taronga Zoo, Bradleys Head Rd., Mosman, NSW, 2088
Mosman, NSW, 2088