Dingo - Fraser Island, QLD


The dingo, Australia's wild dog, is the only indigenous flesh-eating mammal found in Australia. It is an intelligent but rather savage animal, reddish brown in colour, and about the size of a sheep-dog. It does not bark but keeps up a dismal howling at night.

The dingo is remarkable for its powerful jaws with which it tears the flesh from its victim, often killing by the shock from a single bite. It usually hunts alone or with a lifelong mate; its natural prey being marsupials, and birds. In days gone by, its hunting qualities were exploited by the aborigines, who used to catch the dingo pups and train them to hunt in packs, even employing them against the sheep of the settlers. The dingo needed little encouragement in the latter task, and in many areas became such a menace to sheep, calves, and poultry that "dog-proof" fences had to be erected. Although the spread of settlement and the counter-measures of settlers have reduced their numbers considerably, many still survive in the more sparsely-settled areas of the mainland and on Fraser Island.


Fraser Island, QLD, 4581