Kookaburras - Mosman, NSW


The kookaburra belongs to the same family as the little blue kingfisher which frequents the creeks and rivers of northern and eastern Australia, but it is considerably larger. Its diet consists chiefly of lizards, mice, and even young birds and on occasions it has been known to kill and eat small snakes.

The kookaburra makes no attempt to build a nest, appropriating a hollow limb, a tree-stump, and sometimes a white ants' nest for the purpose.

The kookaburra has a particularly large beak and head which give him a rather quizzical expression, but his most notable feature is his extraordinary laugh: "It commences with a series of deep chuckles; becomes louder and higher; breaks into open guffaws which continue for perhaps half a minute; then subsides into reminiscent chuckles again. One bird will start, others will chime in, and soon the whole bush will resound with their laughter."


Taronga Zoo, Bradleys Head Rd., Mosman, NSW, 2088
Mosman, NSW, 2088