Blackwater & Emerald Attractions - Blackwater, QLD

Blackwater & Emerald Attractions

Although the name Anakie is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning “twin peaks”, it is now synonymous with the world’s largest sapphire field.

Anakie, at the northern most extremity of this region, and the nearby town of Sapphire have produced most of Queensland’s, and nowadays, over 50% of the World’s, sapphires. Tourists armed with a licence are allowed to fossick in the unusually shallow washes dotted around the town. Nearby Lake Maraboon, is one of Queensland’s largest water storage areas. The lake covers some 15,000 hectares and supplies 200,000 mega litres of water each year.


The region has two outstanding natural attractions; the first is Blackdown Tableland. This tableland marks the intersection of three ranges – the Dawson Range, Expedition Range and Shotover Range. The sandstone escarpment formed by the convergence of these ranges produced a series of gorges and overhangs as high as 950 metres. Over the cliffs tumble a number of spectacular waterfalls.

A second attraction is the 14 kilometres long Robinson Gorge in Expedition National Park, a relatively inaccessible national park, carved by Dawson River.


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