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Arnhem Land Attractions

The entire north-eastern half of the top end of Northern Territory, beyond the much visited Kakadu National Park is Arnhem Land. Apart from the town of Nhulunbuy, you cannot visit Arnhem Land without special permission. Extending from Gove Peninsula in the north-east to Gobourg Peninsula in the north-west, and including the western shore of the Gulf of Carpentaria, Groote Island and the smaller off-shore islands, Arnhem Land region was first declared an Aboriginal Land reserve in 1931.

The 500 kilometre-long Arnhem Land escarpment began forming about 2,000 million years ago when huge layers of compressed sand were carved-out to form the cliff that marks the escarpmentā€™s edge.

With its flood plains, escarpments and rainforests, Arnhem Land supports a huge range of wild life. At least 1,000 different plants have been identified together with more than 50 mammals, 75 reptiles, 25 kinds of frogs and 55 types of fish. In the wetlands alone there are 275 known bird species and new species are still being discovered. Spectacular scenery is the most captivating feature of Arnhem Land.


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