Agate Creek Mineral Reserve - Croydon, QLD

Agate Creek Mineral Reserve

Approximately 160 kilometres east of Croydon and south of Forsyth, surrounded by towering sandstone walls, lies Agate Creek Mineral Reserve. The Reserve has been set aside for agate fossickers and is considered to have some of the best specimens obtainable with exceptional quality and with a range of rich colours. This reserve contains some of the world’s best quality agates varying from white to blue-red. This is a region of rugged beauty.

This out-of-the-way area, but varied and rich locality of the Gulf Savannah, is well worth exploring for a full appreciation of the age and ecology of this dynamic wilderness zone. This area caters for those interested in archaeology, geology, early European history, flora and fauna, photography.


Croydon, QLD, 4890