Botanic Gardens, North Terrace - Adelaide, SA

Botanic Gardens, North Terrace

The Botanic Gardens, at the eastern end of North Terrace, are laid out in lawns, flower beds and ornamental lakes and cover about 40 acres. Among the features are a series of green and hot-houses, one of which was specially built to contain the Victoria regia, a gigantic water-lily, which was discovered and brought from the Amazon Valley by Sir Robert Schomburgk, the explorer, and a brother of an early Director of the Gardens.

Beyond the Gardens is the Botanic Park, a well-shaded and popular picnic ground, and the Zoological Gardens.

The Gardens may be reached on foot or by any eastbound bus from North Terrace. They are open to the public from 7 am on weekdays and 9 am on Sundays and holidays until sunset.


North Terrace
Adelaide, SA, 5000