Rockhampton & Yeppoon & Attractions - Rockhampton, QLD

Rockhampton & Yeppoon & Attractions

Capricorn Coast Region stretches from Port Alma in the South, where the surrounding countryside is dotted with broad salt pans to the town of St Lawrence in the north.

Ludwig Leichhardt was the first European to traverse this region on his way north to Port Essington in 1844. He found the central river valleys of the Fitzroy Basin scattered with areas of ‘luxuriant grasses and herbs’.


Gemstones and caves are the principal attractions of this region. On the fringe of the central Queensland gem fields, Mount Hay, the site of an ancient volcano, is renowned for its “thunder eggs” – 100 million year old spherical stones filled with agate or lined with agate with a nest of amethyst, jasper or smoky quartz.

Nearby Mount Morgan, once a beautiful limestone mountain, is now a vast open cut mine more than 300 metres deep.

To the north of Rockhampton lies a fabulous cave region and one of the most exciting fossil sites in Australia. Mount Etna National Park continues to yield evidence of previously unknown species.

Great Keppel, the largest island in the Keppel group lies off the coast from Yepoon. Great Keppel is the tip of one of 900 or so submerged mountains on the continental shelf of varying sizes which occur off the Queensland coast – isolated when the seas rose 6,000 – 10,000 years ago.


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