Boston Bay & Eyre Peninsula - Boston, SA

Boston Bay & Eyre Peninsula

The Town of Port Lincoln lies at the southern most tip of Eyre Peninsula region in the sheltered blue waters of west Boston Bay, a harbour several times the size of Sydney Harbour.

For explorer Edward Eyre the town was the starting point for his first westward trek. Nearby attractions include Coffin Bay, Lincoln National Park and the town of Tumby Bay.

Further north along the western coastline here is Streaky Bay and the town by the same name with numerous surrounding attractions including Murphys Haystacks, Calpatanna Waterhole and Yarwondutta Rock.

35km off the coast from the town of Elliston lies Flinders Island. This 300,750 hectare island was once the haunt of sealers and whalers in lawless times from the 1820s to the 1840s. Kimba lies inland on the main highway.


Boston, SA, 5607