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Beautiful hand-made Australian photographic cards on-line. The photographer is the well-known Sydney artist, Jeni Foran. Her work covers iconic Sydney -- the great tourist spots such as The Rocks, Manly and Bondi -- and goes wider to Australian native wildflowers and animals, stunning landscapes of coastal and bush scenes, rivers, the outback and the wetlands.

Jeni's actual photographs, in gloss, are presented on high quality card and envelope and delivered individually cellophane sealed. They make great cards for sending to family and friends anywhere in the world. And, are also suitable for framing. Card size is 180x125mm; images can also be ordered to size (price on application). A pack of five of these beautifully hand-crafted cards costs Aus$20 (including postage); a pack of 10 costs Aus$35. Order on line from Jeni's website.

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