Fitzroy Gardens, Collins St., Melbourne - Melbourne, VIC

Fitzroy Gardens, Collins St., Melbourne

The Gardens have a long history of over 150 years, few other capital cities can boast such a significant garden so close to the centre of their commercial district. Valued for their historic, aesthetic, architectural and horticultural significance, Fitzroy Gardens were classified by the National Trust in 1974 and placed on the Victorian Heritage Register in 1999.

Fitzroy Gardens and the adjacent Treasury Gardens, at the east end of Collins Street, were laid out in the late 1850s and are shaded by magnificent elms.

Originally set aside as a reserve in 1848, the gardens derive their name from Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy, Governor of New South Wales from 1846 - 1851 and Governor-General of the Australian Colonies from 1851 - 1855.

The gardens are visited by over 2 million local, interstate and international visitors each year, and are one of the major attractions in Melbourne.

Here, amid lawns and flower gardens, you can see the delightfully whimsical Fairy Tree-carved by the late Australian sculptress, Ola Cohn-and a miniature Tudor village that delights children of all ages. Nearby is a conservatory, open daily from 10 am to 4:45 pm


In the Treasury Gardens, surrounded by lawns and covered with ivy brought from England, is one of Melbourne's historic monuments. Captain Cook's Cottage. It was brought to Melbourne from Great Ayton, Yorkshire, in 1934 to commemorate Melbourne's first centennial the following year. The cottage was probably built by Cook's father around 1755. Though it cannot be verified that James Cook lived in the house as a youth, he knew it well and often returned there to visit his father. The Cottage was presented to the people of Victoria as a gift for the State's centenary in 1934.

Another feature of the gardens is the Conservatory, built in 1930, with displays throughout the year: Hydrangea/Fuschia (November to February), tuberous Begonia (February to April), Tropical/Poinsettia (April to July), Cineraria/Cyclamen (July to September) and Schizanthus/Calceolaria (September to November).

Also in the Fitzroy Gardens is the Fairies' Tree carved by Ola Cohn, a model Tudor Village, Sinclair's Cottage, as well as an array of statues, fountains and structures.
Free guided walking tours of the gardens take place every Wednesday at 12.30pm.


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