Jenolan Caves & Cottages

Jenolan Caves & Cottages

One of the outstanding sights of the State and set amidst magnificent scenery. The caves were discovered by the convict-bushranger McKeown, and were originally known as the Bendo Caves. In 1884 they received the musical name of the neighbouring mountain, Jenolan. The Caves are the exquisite work of nature and are unrivalled for their splendour and beauty. The formations range from delicate rose pink and amber lace-work and translucent tapestry to great fluted columns, shining white They are fascinating and mysterious, calling for many visits, particularly to the River Caves, The Temple, Fairies' Bower, Diamond Wall and Crystal Palace.

Discoveries came slowly, owing to the arduous and dangerous work involved, and even to-day the magnificent caves which have been explored and developed may be only a foretaste of the wonders yet to be found.

The caves have been excavated by underground streams flowing through a limestone belt. Strange and beautiful formations are here, impressive in massiveness or enchanting in delicacy of structure. The caves have been lit to display the fine texture of the crystal stone, to show its colours and its sparkle. Stalactites hang from the roof, meeting the stalagmites rising from the floor, "shawls" fall in folds from above, and weird little formations glitter like jewels before the visitor's eyes. Inspection of the caves has been made safe and comfortable by the construction of graded paths and steps.


Jenolan Caves House is one of only a few tourism retreats located within a World Heritage area. The Heritage-listed Caves House is an imposing Tudor-style building. Built in 1896, it is one of Australia’s few remaining guesthouses of the Victorian era.

Accommodation ranges from the Grand Historic Guesthouse to modern rooms, budget and self-contained options. The self-contained options include the cosy Jenolan Caves Cottages, which are set in bushland and sleep up to 8 each.

Caves House features the baronial restaurant, Chisolms, and Trails Bistro with al fresco dining throughout the day.
World Heritage listed Jenolan Caves is only 1 hour from Katoomba. With underground rivers and spectacular formations, Jenolan is among the finest and oldest cave systems in the world. Nine stunning show caves are open every day for guided tours.

Outside, in the valley, there are many enjoyable walks in the wild-life sanctuary of six square kms, where rock-wallabies, possums, and native parrots have become so tame that they may be fed by hand.
You can experience any of the nine spectacular show caves with their amazing formations, rivers and pools.

If you visit only one cave, the Lucas has the Cathedral Chamber, one of the widest and highest at Jenolan. With famous acoustics, the Cathedral hosts Concerts in the Caves.

The Temple of Baal, one of the world's most beautiful caves, offers the 9m long Angel's Wing - one of the world’s largest cave shawls.

You can explore Jenolan’s mysterious depths with Adventure Caving. Abseil, squeeze and climb through undeveloped caves, with only a head lamp to light your way.

If you prefer exploring at your own pace, then you can go for the brand new digital audio tour of the Nettle Cave, which allows exploration on a self-guided basis for the first time.


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