Daintree National Park - Daintree, QLD

Daintree National Park

Daintree National Park is the oldest living rainforest on earth at approximately 140 Million years with the southern boundary located at Mossman Gorge and the northern boundary at Bloomfield River.

It is now home to rare plants that provide key links in the evolution story. It contains lush tropical vegetation, coral reefs, and the northern section of the Great Dividing Range.

Cape Tribulation the coastal part of the Daintree contains beaches, reefs, and offshore waters which are protected in marine parks.

Away from the coast, the land rises steeply to cloud-swept Thornton Peak. The park is renowned for its rich diversity of plants and wildlife with lowland and upland rainforests, mangroves, swamps and heathlands. Rare and unusual species include primitive flowering plants, the giant white-tailed rat, southern cassowary and Bennett's tree-kangaroos.

Daintree is divided into two sections. The Mossman Gorge section is approximately 80km North of Cairns. The Cape Tribulation section starts 25km further to the North. Daintree River borders the South of the park and Bloomfield River to the North. Captain Cook's ship Endeavor was holed on a reef just North of the Cape in 1770. Cook named the area Cape Tribulation.

Daintree is a spectacular wilderness and is the main feature of the park. Mossman Gorge is virtually inaccessible. The Cape Tribulation section offers bushwalkers a better chance to experience rainforest areas. Crocodiles inhabit the estuaries and mouths of the creeks and rivers in the park and swimming in these areas should be avoided. Swimming is best between May and September when stingers are absent.


In Daintree National Park, you will find cycads, dinosaur trees, fan palms, giant strangler figs, and epiphytes such as the basket fern, staghorn, and elkhorn. Nighttime croc-spotting tours on the Daintree River vie for popularity with early-morning cruises to see the rich bird life. Pythons, lizards, frogs, and electric-blue Ulysses butterflies attract photographers, and sport fishermen come here to do battle with big barramundi.
Rent a four-wheel-drive and explore on your own.

Go for 1-hour Daintree River cruise to spot crocs, a visit to the Marrdja Botanical Walk, a stroll along an isolated beach, lunch at a pretty spot somewhere in the forest, and visit to Mossman Gorge. Some tours also go to the picturesque Bloomfield Falls in Cape Tribulation National Park.

Expect to pay about A$140 (US$126/£63) per adult and about A$95 (US$86/£43) per child. Trips that include Bloomfield Falls cost more.

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