Bell Gorge - Derby, WA

Bell Gorge

The picturesque Bell Gorge is situated in the rugged ranges of King Leopold Range National Park in Western Australia. The Park is 200 kilometres from Derby and 450 kilometres from Kununurra via the Gibb River Road and covers an area of over 392,000 hectares.

The northern regions of Western Australia are a treasure trove of spectacular landscapes, remote wilderness, isolated lakes, rivers and white sandy beaches. Bell Gorge is one of nature’s masterpieces and has to be seen to be believed. Water flowing west from the King Leopold Range has cut down through the ancient rock to form the gorge.

Bell Gorge, about 300 metres above sea level and is the beginning of a series of waterfalls which descend through the Isdell Range to Walcott Inlet. The region is noted for its white and pink quartz sandstone and layers of grey-green basalt rock formed by solidified lava and molten rock millions of years ago.

In 1897 Alexander Forrets survey party, travelling from the De Grey River to Darwin, failed to find a way through the rugged ranges, naming them after King Leopold of Belgium in recognition of the King interest in the exploration. A way was found the following year by explorer Frank Hann through the pass that now bears his name. He named Bell Creek after a Mr Bell of Derby.


There are two camping areas at Bell Creek and at Silent Grove which gets its name from the old station homestead. Visitors are advised not to use soap or detergents in the area to protect the Bell Creek fragile ecosystem.

Bell Gorge is only accessible via a walk track. There are no distances marked for the walk and it takes about half an hour via a steep downhill trail. The waterfall and swimming hole are at the end of the trail Most visitors end their walk here but the more adventurous can go down further down into the main swimming holes below the falls.

Bell Gorge is a three hour drive from Derby. The best time to visit is between May and September as the region is inaccessible during the wet season.


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