Alligator Gorge

Alligator Gorge

Alligator Gorge is located in Mount Remarkable National Park, within Flinders Range National Park. The Gorge is one of the leading Natural attractions of South Australia.

The gorge cuts through ancient quartzite rocks and is flanked by the Alligator Creek. The Mount Remarkable National Park: (15,632 hectares) lies between Spencer Gulf in the north and Melrose in the south.

There are wild wedge-tailed eagles, rare yellow-foot rock wallabies, western grey kangaroos and flocks of native birds.

Alligator Gorge is about 13 km from Wilmington in the Flinders Ranges. The journey ends at a delightful picnic area perched at the cliff top, overlooking the gorge and with campsites at Teal and Eaglehawk dams.
The floor of the gorge is an ancient sea bed and has a variety of rock formations, including an area where the rock walls are within a few metres of each other. It is an area of particular beauty which is noted for its outstanding displays of wildflowers in the springtime, including a rare species of orchid.

Access to Alligator Gorge is on the turn off to Mambray Creek 45km north of Port Pirie on Highway One; it is 13km south of Wilmington and can be accessed on the Mouth Remarkable section directly behind Melrose.
A pleasant picnic area is located at Blue Gum Flat, where public toilets are also located.

Accommodation at Alligator Lodge sleeps eight and is located at the entrance. Bookings are essential.

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