Carnarvon Gorge, Carnarvon National Park, Queensland - Injune, QLD

Carnarvon Gorge, Carnarvon National Park, Queensland

Carnarvon Gorge is located in the Southern Brigalow Belt bio-region in Central Queensland, 593 km north-west of Brisbane. Primarily created by water erosion, Carnarvon Gorge is around 30 kilometres long, and six hundred metres deep at the mouth. It is the most visited feature within Carnarvon National Park due to the diversity of experiences it contains and the ease with which it can be accessed.

The closest towns are Injune and Rolleston.

The Gorge is a natural monument to the power of water, wind and time. Its dramatic landscapes, its ecological diversity, the significant cultural locations, and the permanent water supply, combine to give Carnarvon Gorge a singular character. Around 65,000 visitors a year make the trek to this outback oasis, which is well known to the caravanning and camping community

Carnarvon Gorge National Park offers some of the best walking tracks in Australia. The Lodge is situated just 3kms from the gorge entrance and is accessable by conventional vehicle. The tracks are generally flat and well maintained with the exception of 'lookout' or 'high country' walks. You can saunter to Baloon Cave a short 500m stroll, or take the day and visit some of the many unique side gorges. There is an abundance of flora and fauna to see.

Approximately one-third of Australian bird species have been spotted in Carnarvon National Park including King Parrots, Sulpher Crested Cockatoos and migatory birds like the Channel Billed Cuckoo.

The area has an extensive Aboriginal history which may be seen at Cathedral Cave.


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