Cania Gorge - Monto, QLD

Cania Gorge

Cania Gorge is located 25 km from Monto and is one of south-east Queensland's most picturesque gorges. The Cania Gorge National Park boasts 3000 hectares of spectacular landscape, prominent sandstone cliffs, caves, eucalypt forest and dry rain forest with mosses, orchids, figs and vines growing in moist, sheltered areas.

This secluded area is home to a variety of Australia's native flora and fauna including kangaroos, rock wallabies, and over 100 species of birds.

Lake Cania is the ideal spot to view the unspoilt beauty of sculpted sandstone rock formations, such as Castle Mountain and the overhanging cliffs that form the escarpment of Cania Gorge. The lake has been well stocked with Australian Bass, Yellowbelly, Silver Perch and the highly-prized Saratoga.


Monto, QLD, 4630