Mount Townsend and Blue Lake - Kosciuszko, VIC

Mount Townsend and Blue Lake

Mount Townsend lies within Kosciuszko National Park in south New South Wales and id part of the Snowy Mountains Great Dividing Range. At 2185m above sea level, Mount Townsend is the second highest mountain in Australia. Mount Townsend is 4 km north of Australia's highest mainland peak, Mount Kosciuszko.
Although, lower than Mount Kosciuszko, Mount Townsend has a craggier peak and is arguably more dominant than the relatively round-topped Mount Kosciuszko.

Due to ease of climbing Mount Kosciuszko, and the much lower accessibility of Mount Townsend, a tradition has emerged amongst climbers to carry a rock from the bottom to the top, The goal being to make Mount Townsend the taller of the two similar in height peaks.

The ancient Blue Lake is accessible on foot by a journey that starts near Australia's highest village, Charlotte Pass. From here cross the Snowy River and trek onwards. Hewn out of granite by colliding rivers of ice, this is Kosciuszko National Park’s deepest glacial lake. The final 800m of trail ascends steadily on a paved trail, albeit the last few hundred metres to Charlotte Pass, is sometimes known as Heartbreak Hill, but it’s worth it when you reach the top.


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